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Before we even get to the main agenda, you may ask, what is a good investment? This is an old age question that only time can well define. This is because some 15 years back, people considered precious metals as the best investments, 10 years ago it was real estate, and now we have Bitcoin. We need not to concentrate much on the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ and the ‘where’. It's very important that you know exactly how to invest and where to invest. We all get faced with these critical questions right before making investment decisions. While this article won't tell you how to pilot your expenditure portfolio, it will be wise to consider the following;

1.Draw a sound financial roadmap
2.Evaluate your risk zones
3.Consider different investments
4.Create an emergency fund
5.Pay off your debit cards
6.Avoid any circumstances that may lead to fraud

The above pointers should help prepare you strategically in analyzing the available investing options. Having said this, let's look at how to make a good investment.

Peer To Peer Lending

This is increasingly becoming a trending investment option to many. However, it's important to note that you need an effective platform to use. While you may not get rich in this type of investment, it's still worth it. Some lending platforms include Prosper, Peer Form, and the Lending Club. This investment option allows you to lend cash advance against estate, lend portions of capital to individuals or business, and collect a considerable amount of interests from them. At the end of the day, it’s better than placing your money in savings accounts and end up risking losing out to inflation. You need not to worry about the logistics and anything to do with administrative tasks, with the right platform, the algorithms are doing much of the work. But as always, do your research.

Enroll In a Money Making Program

Before you invest, think of ways to educate yourself in matters investments. Investing in yourself education-wise will help you to be self-aware of your passions and talents. Education will help you to learn the skills, help you to adapt in any business environment, and cultivate you towards your growth. There are tonnes of money making courses both online and offline. However, the hardest part may be choosing the right course. Here’s how.

1.Determine your interests
3.Go through the course contents
4.Evaluate the quality of education
5.Determine the duration of the course
6.Look at the entry requirements
7.Determine the cost
8.Determine the career opportunities

Trade In Commodities (Tangible Assets)

These may include silver, gold, and diamond. They are tangible in nature and a great hedge on inflation. There are so many types of tangible commodities out there, all are controlled by the fundamentals of the economy. All you have to do is determine the supply chain. It's important to know the price fluctuations in regards to the commodity you choose to trade on.

The Stock Market

Forgive the seemingly harsh tone, but this type of investing is not for the faint-hearted. It's imperative that you understand the forces at play in stock markets before you even consider diving into it or going all-in. But, with a relatively small investment, you may end up making a significant amount of cash. You can either opt to trade on penny stocks or the general market. Whatever it is, it's important to understand the market logistics to make gains. For instance, most of the time, the penny stocks are either thinly traded or obscure. But while at the same time, there are days that it would seem wise to invest in penny stocks.


Trading in crypto is increasingly gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation. It might seem risky to many but if you guard your bets well, it’ll help to unforeseeable fallouts. There are different platforms for trading cryptocurrency such as KuCoin, Coinbase, and At the moment, there are so many cryptocurrencies but only a handful matter. It's therefore important that you educate and learn the intricacies of trading in cryptocurrency.

Real Estate

While it may seem like a relatively long term prospect, real estate still remains a stable and secure investment plan. There are various ways of engaging or investing in real estate. First, the kind that involves buying, renovating and selling. You may also buy undeveloped land, build house/s and sell it to potential clients. Lastly, you can flip the contract. Here, you really don’t to have much, but it's important that you have a long contact list. You'll only need to identify serious buyers and motivated sellers, bring them together and broker the deal. It's a strategy that has worked for so many real estate brokers.

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While all these are great investment ideas, it’s important to develop habits that encourage successful investing. This is what separates a successful investor from the rest. In this case, some motivational habits for successful investing may include the following:

1. Developing a plan and sticking to it will help you to identify opportunities to improve on the initial plans despite volatility. It’s human nature to run for safety when things get hot. The markets will not always go by our way, sometimes you lose sometimes you gain.
2. Your success in any type of investment is determined by how much you save and how often you save.
3. It's also important to allow and accept any potential risk. Having a diversified perception helps to sail you through uncertainties.
4. Finally, even a savvy capitalist knows that they can never control the markets. But, they can control the costs; investment costs, expenditures, and savings.

Most of us get confused about what makes up a good investment. What we tend to forget is that we need to concentrate more on the process rather than on the results. In reality, there's nothing like a good or bad investment. It’s all about knowing how to manage the risks, timing, strategy, and most importantly, perseverance. With the above tips, however, you can potentially make an investment that will give you good returns without losing an arm and a leg over it.

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