Lanyard is a simple device to carry things and is made of rope or some similar material that can be hung around the wrist or neck to make it easy to carry. It comes in handy as you can use it to carry things like cell phones, digital cameras, handheld cameras, flash drives, or even grass, which is why it was used extensively in history. You can make this for yourself or you can even gift it to someone.

It is very easy to make a cord. If you are confused about how to make laces, then you just need to follow the right steps at the right time to make a good lacing. The most important factor that determines the quality of the cord is the type of material used to make it. You should use the best material to make the cord. A person can use a flexible, elastic and preferably thin and also small plastic rope to make a cord.

A person can make a bead using various techniques, but most techniques are time consuming and complex as well. One of the simplest and fastest methods of making a cord is to use the round knot technique, which is also popularly known as a crown knot.

Follow the steps below carefully to make a cord from a small plastic string. The steps are:

- One should see what length of cord that person wants and accordingly take 2 plastic cords and then tie both of them to themselves so that they are glued and not tied together.

- Now, one can expand the two plastics that now formed four separate strands from each other. Randomly select one to be north and rest east, south and west accordingly.

- Take the west rope over the north and similarly the north over the east and the east over the south and finally the south over the west.

- After this, pull the strings tightly and you will have the first knot.

- The person can continue to tie the knots depending on the length of the cord they want,

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How to make laces