There are lots of ways on the internet that shows how one can make money blogging. But from this article, you would find ways we've got a different technique.

You'll enjoy following our steps from how you can start using nothing and steps for someone who is just a beginner. 

Steps on how to make money blogging 

Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people would love to create some forms of passive income from their blogs. One of the best things you can do is affiliate marketing. This refers to recommending digital products, services, and physical products of other companies, and you'll enjoy some commission. Many blogs do this, and it provides financial support for the writers and is a win-win for readers and authors.

Here more than a hundred thousand dollars is made yearly, which is done by promoting affiliate products. Most of this comes from recommending products casually that we love. Products like Elementor and SiteGround. 

So after operating in a niche that is bringing you profits, and you have an email list, and you're bubbling with traffic, what next would you do? 

A lot of beginner bloggers jump into creating a community or a type of book. In our opinion, that's a mistake, before you start selling products, you need serious evidence that these things are what your clients want to buy. If you don't do this, you'll waste years of your time selling a product no individual would like to have. 

How to get this evidence

You can get this evidence by making use of Affiliate programs. By watching what your audience purchases from other vendors, you have an idea of what they'll like to buy from you. If you help in the promotion of a product and get a high conversion level, try creating a similar product. If it has a reduced conversion level, then forget about that product. It isn't worth it.

This makes affiliate programs a form of research in the markets. You also enjoy commissions while doing your market research. This way, you're not just learning what your future clients want, but your blog also provides a source of income for you. What a great deal. 

End to end techniques also sells very well. Some courses help take someone who knows nothing to make a lot of cash, and they do very well.

Posting Ads on your blog 

Apart from affiliate marketing, you can also help yourself by posting the adverts of high-end companies on your blog. These companies would pay you commission on the number of traffic they get that comes from your blog. You could use these Ads as tools to help you make lots of funds that would help your blog sell better than others available. Not that it is a competition, but who doesn't want to have a highly successful blog. It would be very nice to gain lots of funds from posting ads on your blog.

Selling blog websites 

Usually, we are not fans of selling websites on your blog, but you’ll need a lot of visitors, at least a million years, to properly sell blog websites. This is just as passive, and you'll earn as much as you would while using affiliate marketing. 

You could sell websites like those related to meals, clothes to be worn, and other websites lots of people would be interested in. So getting and selling these websites would serve as an excellent source of income.

Getting gigs, you'll be speaking. 

After your blog takes off, you would be known publicly on the internet. You could start gaining invitations on your speaking at huge conferences. You could earn a lot of money. At least ten thousand dollars and it could go as high as a hundred thousand dollars. 

These are some beautiful ways you could gain a lot of cash from blogging. 


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