Are you planning on treating yourself to a luxury day spa experience in Dublin? Whether you are just popping in to a health and beauty spa for a refreshing facial or massage, or you're planning a deliciously decadent half- or even full-day spa retreat, we want to help you make the most of your spa treatments.

Tranquil BathAt La Spa Therapie, our mission is to get you looking and feeling radiant by using the very special tools of our trade: our highly skilled and experienced spa therapists, our range of luxurious organic spa treatments, and our tranquil and soothing spa setting.

But we can only do so much. By ensuring you are mentally and physically prepared for you spa session, the benefits of your treatments will go so much further.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you prepare for your luxury day spa exerience...

  • Physical preparation - To be physically prepared for your spa treatment it's important that you feel well. Avoid heavy, stodgy or spicy foods for at least half a day before your appointment and ensure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated during the treatment. Have a wash before you arrive, but avoid using perfumed shower gels, bath foams or body lotions, as these may interfere with the nourishing properties of our spa treatment products.
  • Tranquility RoomArrival at the Spa – Rushing to make your appointment will only lead to you getting stressed, flustered and sweaty. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time to give yourself a chance to relax and soak up the tranquility of the La Spa surroundings. This time also gives you the chance to refresh yourself with a glass of water, use the facilities if you need, and generally compose yourself.
  • Before the treatment – When you intially made your appointment you should have advised the spa of any health conditions or allergies you may have to make sure the spa treatment is safe for you. Before the treatment begins, discuss these conditions again with your spa therapist so they are fully aware of your concerns. Robes and towels will be provided for your comfort so there is no need to worry about what clothes to wear.
  • During the treatment – The combination of relaxing surroundings and deeply soothing treatments will soon have you feeling totally at ease. However, sometimes we need a gentle reminder to switch off from the outside world. To make the most of your spa treatment leave your worries and anxieties behind by leaving your gadgets outside. We have a strictly ‘no mobiles allowed' policy in our treatment rooms so no one can interrupt your soothing spa experience.
  • Wind down – After the treatment, take the time to catch your breath in our tranquility room. Drink some tea or water and give your mind a chance to rest before heading out into the real world again.

A Day Spa experience at La Spa Therapie is all about unwinding and soaking up the nourishing goodness of our pampering treatments. By following these few simple guidelines we hope you will enjoy the experience even more.

Our Spa Experience Co-ordinators are on hand to customise a day spa experience that suits your individual needs and answer any questions you might have. Call us on 01 854 8000 for your spa enquiries.

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