“It All Starts with Family

I happened to know a man who passed away a while back who had a great business and made millions of dollars. But his family life was miserable.

This millionaire was ruthless in business and did not care about anyone or anything. In fact, one of his employees abused one of his workers and he said, “It’s none of my business” even though he was the owner of the business.

He ignored his children and never gave his children any kind of teachings or instructions about life, nor did he teach them any kind of wisdom. Consequently, his children grew up to be angry people who hated their father. In fact, when he died they didn’t even go to his funeral.

Our first and most important role in life is being a great parent. And all the spiritual text talk about teaching being loving, kind, teaching wisdom, teaching the difference between right and wrong, going out and helping others, and making a difference in the world.

In this day and age, higher education institutions teach only about making money. They don’t teach how to be a better person, or how to be happy from the inside out. And that’s exactly why the world is in a terrible place right now. We have enough money in the world to feed, cloth, and house every single person on the planet. It’s just that we have lots of greed, anger, lack of compassion, and a huge lack of love in the world.

So it’s up to parents to teach their children what they are not being taught in schools. Unfortunately, parents are so busy that they have forgotten their most important role… being a role model for their children.

We can change what we have going on around the world, but it starts with family. Families are the center of life around the world and families make up our communities. Thus families create what we have going on in the world at any particular time.

Now, is the time to focus on family by taking time for our children and teaching our children what they need to know in order be better people… and thus we change the world one family at a time.
I feel president Jimmy Carter was right when he talked about focusing more on family and less about material things.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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