How To Make Up After A Fight With Your Husband: Healing Conversation After Fight

Fighting is inevitable in marriage. Sometimes couples have different opinions and they can't seem to agree on certain things. But while fighting can be a normal part of any marital relationship, it should not become a major conflict and should not be a frequent occurrence.

One of the common causes of arguments among married couples pertains to handling of the family's finances. When funds are lacking or when expenses go out of hand, there's bound to be a bit of fighting. Some couples who have a serious problem even go to the extent of seeking marriage help and utilizing marriage forums to obtain more tips in handling their situation.

It's okay to argue every now and then but what's important is you do it in the nicest way possible. Avoid the urge to raise your voice and say rude words. Remember it's never good to shout or scream to your partner much more call him or her names.

Sure when there's tension, it's easy to just keep talking and blame your other half. But if you develop self control and be more patient, you will learn to master the right conflict management skills. So if you're in a situation that can prompt you to yell or say unpleasant words, stop yourself by taking a deep breath. Right after that, you can start speaking softly and explain what you need to explain.

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Developing a sense of fairness is another important thing. This means opening your mind to your partner's views and opinions. Even if you don't agree with him or her, just consider the viewpoint and be more understanding. You don't have to be emotional about it and in fact, doing this can actually help you develop a more objective perspective about your spouse's viewpoints, your relationship and your life in general.

Learn to forgive your loved one as well. Accept the fact that sometimes, we all do and say things that we regret later on. It's our emotions that normally prompt us to fight for what we think is right. But what matters is we learn from those mistakes and most importantly, we know how to forgive especially a person we love and care for. Letting go may be difficult to do but couples need to do it in order to save their relationship. Also when you can, avoid bringing up the past fighting incidents as much as possible even if you want to do it only just for laughs.

Finally, think about why you got married in the first place. Isn't it that you loved each other so much and committed to staying together for better or for worse? If this is so, there's no way then that you should allow conflicts as well as small and big fights to get in the way of your marriage. If you still love your partner the way you did before and you love to stay married with him or her for the rest of your life, you should do your best to avoid fights.

In marriage, nobody needs to win in any fight. And remember that you don't need to fight just to prove that you are on the right side. Should have a hard time on this aspect, you may need to seek marriage help.

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Do you need to save your marriage because your relationship has gotten boring and routine? When you first got married, you probably thought it was always going to be wonderful. Most of the time, it probably is good, just not great. But, you know, any relationship takes a lot of work to be successful. If you really need to save your marriage, then revitalize it with these tips below.

Respect Each Other

Being disrespectful to anyone is not going to make them like you, so how much worse can it be to treat your spouse without respect. This is the person you chose to spend your life with and he or she should deserve your utmost respect.


You have probably heard this many times, but communication is important. When something is wrong, you need to talk to your spouse about it. Be honest, respectful and positive. Also, talk about the good stuff happening in your lives. It doesn't always need to be just about problems. Remember to listen to your spouse as well. Speaking is only half of the act of communicating.


Disagreements are sure to arise from time to time. When your spouse has made a mistake or done something really stupid, you need to learn to forgive him or her. Don't let bitterness take over. Keep in mind, you have probably done some dumb things too and need forgiveness.

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Appreciate Each Other

It can be so easy to forget to acknowledge the little things your spouse does for you. Daily activities can become routine, but it is always good to tell your spouse "thank you" and let him or her know how much you appreciate the things they do.

"Date" Each Other

Spending time together by going on dates can spark the fire of love again. Break up the regular routine and go out to dinner, go for a walk, or any thing you both like to do. If going out is not feasible for you, have date night at home. The important thing is to spend time together to reconnect with each other.


This is one area of your relationship that you need to keep going. Again, the daily activities in our lives can make this seems like the last thing we even want to think about at the end of the day. However, intimacy and affection are important parts of a marriage where you should skip out on.

Marriage is not always easy and does take work to keep the relationship growing and not becoming stagnant. By taking steps now to save your marriage, you can begin to revitalize the most important relationship in your life.

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A lot of couples face difficulties as the divorce rate clearly shows. While ending the marriage is certainly one option if you do have marital problems it is by no means the only one. There are a lot of things that you can try to save your marriage before you resort to divorce. One of the more useful options is marriage counseling.

The main reason that a marriage counselor can help to save your marriage is that they are often more objective about the issues that are facing you as a couple. A lot of times when couples have problems they only see it from their perspective and not their partners. This tends to lead to your blaming everything on your spouse. In most cases if there are problems in the marriage both partners share some of the responsibility for it. Often it takes an outsider to point this out.

A lot of people actually find using a marriage counselor to a bit of a shocking experience. Usually this is because they assumed that all of the problems in the marriage were the other person's fault. It can come as quite a surprise when the counselor points out the areas where you are to blame. This is something that you need to be prepared for if you are going into counseling, a lot of people have a hard time hearing that they share responsibility for the things that have gone wrong.

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The other big reason that a marriage counselor may be helpful if you are having marital difficulties is that they are experts in the field; they know what you need to work on in order to have a healthy marriage. Many couples want to work on staying together but really have no idea how to go about doing it. A marriage counselor will be able to offer you advice on the things that you need to work on if you want to have a strong marriage.

While a marriage counselor can be big help in saving your marriage it is important to realize that they are not a miracle solution to all of your problems. They are there to guide you through the process of building a stronger marriage. If you are not going to do the work that your marriage counselor recommends there is little chance that you are going to get the results that you are hoping for.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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When asking yourself should I save my marriage, you must do some serious soul searching to come up with the answer for yourself. It would be great if a trusted adviser could look at all the information regarding our marriage and tell us whether we should let try to get back together. Unfortunately, we have to do our own heavy lifting.

Evaluate what is good and what is bad in your marriage. Make sure you are seeing the actual problems and not just symptoms of the problems.

Probably the most important issue to ponder is whether you and your spouse are truly happy together, because if you are, as long as nothing really bad has happened between you, you probably have a decent chance of working things out.

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If both of you are committed to repairing the marriage, you both will probably need to let some old grudges die. Understand that no one is perfect and that we have to let go of issues that may have been really eating at us in the past. It would be best to discuss these issues together so your spouse knows how you feel. Once you've gotten your feelings out, just let go of it and move on.

You want to think about the problems in your marriage and whether they have ever been addressed or worked on. If they haven't been addressed, they might not be that hard to fix. Imagine, you might have a problem that can be resolved by just discussing it together. Over time situations that aren't talked about can take on a life of their own and become completely overblown.

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