Want to have a bathroom that is sustainable and environmentally friendly? Here’s what you can do to achieve that.

Use sustainable and recycled materials

Eco bathroom is always made of sustainable or even salvaged and recycled materials. So, never throw away the existing components of your bathroom - instead, try to restore and refinish them. You can give a new life to the tiles or resurface the old bathtub. You will feel really satisfied knowing that old bathroom items have been put to a new use. This method also allows you to keep the aesthetics and the character of your bathroom unchanged. Of course, you can make a new design by finding colorful recycled glass tiles or antique sinks - it is possible to find them if you look at the right places.

Put wooden floor

Wood is a beautiful option for your bathroom but only under the condition that you buy sustainably harvested type. You need to look for a label with the approval that it has been harvested responsibly and it isn't coming from endangered areas. There's also the option to use salvaged wood floors, which also have their charm. In case you are worried about the water issue, add a coat of boat shellac for additional protection or you can buy a wooden floor sealed with a no-VOC water sealer, which is also eco-friendly.

Replace cheap cabinetry

Not every item in your old bathroom is worth saving. If you have cheap cabinetry, it was probably because it was made of plywood or fiberboard paneling - the problem here is that the sections on this type of cabinetry are connected with a formaldehyde-based adhesive. It has been classified as a human carcinogen, and exposing yourself to it can lead to allergic reactions, and even respiratory issues. Sustainable woods and wood veneers are probably free of this adhesive, so try to find cabinets labeled with no- or low-VOC finish.

Resource conservation

If your aim is to conserve as much energy and resources as possible, then water consumption should be your focus, as well as heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

The first step should be installing a low-flow fixture or water-efficient showerheads and faucets. They save water by reducing the flow without any additional pressure. Another way to reduce water consumption is to install a dual-flush toilet - they use 30% less water and come in modern designs. If you want to take it to the next level, listen to professionals like Solved Plumbing, for example, and their recommendations. For instance, a professional plumber could recommend installing toilets and sinks that make the used water usable again through filtering it.

Using natural light as much as possible automatically means saving electricity, so if you have the opportunity and the budget, install a skylight. It will illuminate the room completely while keeping your privacy at the same time. Lastly, installing LED fixtures will lead to using 10% less energy than incandescent ones.

Buy eco-friendly and sustainable bath products

Every product in your bathroom can be greener than now. Switch to buying certified organic products that are healthy for you and leave a far smaller environmental footprint. Petrochemicals and toxic preservatives have usually been tested on animals and their origin is unclear. Furthermore, sustainable products come from organic farms, so you also support their ethical business practices.

Having a green bathroom isn't as difficult as it may seem. Many companies today try to offer bathroom items and products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. You only need to spend just a bit more time to identify which items are appropriate for a green bathroom and to get informed. The rest will be much easier and rewarding!

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