Are you looking to make a huge instagram fan base but the efforts you are putting in are not paying off or the results are slower than you expected. Well there are many reasons why people have not reached to your instagram profile and have not yet started following you. The first thing you have to understand is that the start is always the slow and when you have a significant number of followers the word about your profile starts to entice more people to follow you. So if you are the one who is frustrated of not getting response from people despite putting a lot of effort into your every instagram post then don’t get disheartened.

Not everyone gets to taste success in one month until you are a celebrity or very lucky or become popular overnight. So the best recipe for success is to be what you are and keep doing what you are doing because this will yield results and people will start to notice your profile. If you see all the popular instagram profiles you can very well see all those influencers struggled in the beginning but they did not leave putting their hard work in every post and over the time people started acknowledging their posts and following them.

So what possibly you could do to get huge number of followers in a quick time:

Stick to who you are: This is probably the best tactic you can follow to be successful. Don’t start following other popular instagram profiles in the hope that you will also become like them after some time. Those who are popular on instagram have not achieved the feat overnight. It is the patience and self believe that they had in them that kept them going and people started noticing them. So don’t copy anyone, just believe in yourself. Instead of copying someone else be creative and think what innovative you can do to entice people to follow you on instagram. This strategy always works though it takes time but the followers you get are real and responsive.

Buy instagram followers: This is one strategy you can opt for to gain the much needed momentum. You can buy instagram followers initially so that when people visit your profile they know that there is a significant number of people who follows you and this will lure people to follow you as well. This is not a malpractice but a paid way of getting the much needed fan base who are active users.

Take help of your contacts: Everybody uses instagram these days and you must have at least 300-400 friends in your contact list who can help you spread the word about your instagram profile. Take help of other social media channels like facebook or twitter and tag people in your profile. This way the reach of your instagram post will reach to more number of people providing your instagram profile the boost it needs. Don’t overlook the power of other social media platforms. Ask your friends or relatives to share your posts and request them to tag their friends in your post. This way the user engagement of your post will remarkably increase and people will soon start to take notice of your profile.

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