E liquids have become a popular alternative to smoking, with many making a life-changing switch today. The range of e liquids continues to grow by the day. There’s is however one problem with e liquids, particularly with the premium options: cost. Going by your preference of cig, you can burn roughly 10 ml of an e-juice pretty fast.

 What are e liquids?

An e liquid consists of propylene glycol (PG), water, vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings, nicotine, and other additives. Either PG or VG makes up about 70% of the e juice. The two are also responsible for the visible vapor when heated.

 What you need to get started

Base liquid.:This is either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerol. PG happens to be the preferred based liquid of most makers of e liquids. It is a federally approved, odorless, and colorless organic compound used in products including foods, tobacco, and more. VG is similar to PG, but it’s a natural liquid extract from vegetables. Vegetable glycerol is more viscous and comes with a slight tinge of sweetness. The two can however be used in making e liquids to bring unique characteristics to the e liquid.

You also need nicotine and water-soluble flavorings. Be careful when handling nicotine. Nicotine has its own flavor, so your e liquid could taste different at higher or lower strengths of nicotine. You also need a measuring jug, syringes, gloves for handling nicotine, and empty bottles.

 Calculating the ingredients

The next thing to do is to find how much of each ingredient you’ll use. You can use an e liquid calculator but you can use your favorite method as well. For a beginner, you can start off with a 100mL of 36-48mg/mL nicotine. Use a 70PG and 30VG blend using about 5% flavoring. The e liquid calculator should help you find how much of the ingredients to put in. Get the rubber gloves on and begin to mix.

 Mixing e liquid

Fill up the syringe and put the VG and PG blend into the empty bottle. Put nicotine and flavoring last. Once the ingredients are in the bottle, return the lid and shake properly. You can vape right away, but leaving the mix to settle in a warm place for a week or more will work wonders. This process is known as steeping.

Learning how to vape can be time consuming. It calls for a lot of testing before coming up with the right mix. However, it’s easy to replicate once you find it. It’s also cost friendly as you don’t have to buy e liquids over and over again.

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