To be able to memorize information is considered to be a great talent, which it would seem few people are able to take advantage of, but with some simple techniques and a little discipline and practice anyone is able to memorize information of all types, from names and phone numbers to whole books.

Many people use what is called mnemonic techniques in order to improve their memory or recall. Mnemonic techniques involve association and organization, working with some very simple techniques has been proven to greatly improve memory and recall.

Forgetting a friend’s birthday or other important event can be very embarrassing, it’s not that you forgot, more it’s that you didn’t remember. The information was still in the brain, but it has got lost in all the chaos of the mind.
Association is the key to memory, while some people are blessed with a photographic memory; most people need to have something which jogs the memory into recalling the information, which is where association comes into its own.

Visualization is another technique used in developing memory for example some people find it useful to attach a visual image to perhaps a name, maybe visualizing a particular item in the room with the person and their name. Associating a name and person with an object separates that person and name from another.

When trying to memorize a string of numbers for example an phone number, breaking the string into smaller groups is very helpful, try breaking the list into groups of three of example 09562306754 could become 095 623 067 54, small groups are easier to recall than long chains.

With a shopping list for example, if you put into the memory there are 4 vegetables, 2 cheese and 3 fruit, you stand a better chance of remembering the whole list than trying to recall each of the individual items, or try adding up all the items on the list, so you know you should have 16 items, place an association with each of the items, for example flour = cake, coffee = coffee pot, bread = sandwich.

Keeping the brain and memory in top condition is the ideal way of improving memory and the ability to memorize information. Performing brain exercises is the ideal way of keeping the brain in top working order, which will help not only with the skill of memorizing, but also equally important the talent to be able to recall the information on demand.

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