What are addictions???
Addiction is the word which is used when a certain habit or activity of anything mostly bad habits if a person repeats many time and if the person depend on that substance/activity a lot that is called an addiction.
Addictions are one which we start depending on more and more over it, by the time the things which are affecting our life badly it takes our health, time and money overall happiness of individual and whole family.
What are the main addictions which affects our health???
Alcohol drinking
Drugs or any other substance abuse
Gaming etc.
In the above addictions or habits, in which some have effects on our health and some of them on our wealth, which does spoil our happy life and these kinds of habits addicted person’s life becomes hell not only that, his/her entire family suffers a lot.

What is the most probable behavior of addicted people???
• It has been hard for them to live without the substance which they have been addicted
• Sometimes they become out of control
• Sometimes they may get violent
• Gradually disconnecting from family and emotions
• Blaming people for their problem
What are the complications created by bad addictions???
• Mainly it affects our health
• Psychological problems like stress, depressions which lead to unhappy family and life
• You may go to jail due to the usage of drugs and other banned substances.
• You may get into bankruptcy by these bad habits

What are particular health problems which arise due to the above addictions???
• Anemia
• Cancer
• Heart-related deceases
• Nerve problem some time nerve damage
• Weakens immune system regular attack of cold and flu
• In women, miscarriage and pregnancy complications
• Diabetes
• Leukemia
• Breathing problem
• Eye problems
• Lactation problem in women after delivery
• Gum and Dental disorder issues
The addiction is one such issue which is not only related to the particular person, it affects the whole family because of the person’s behavior, health and in all terms the bad addictions effects on our happy life.
The cause of bad addictions is not only losing health other than this we are losing the money, time, happiness and relations altogether a god gifted beautiful life.
We know getting rid of these kind addictions is quite difficult and time taking process, but we also know that if dedications and interest is there nothing is impossible.
Think about the family and moreover person his\her particular health make a decision that I will fight with these addictions and I will overcome it.
How a family can help addicted person to overcome from this trauma???
• Start conversation with the addicted person about how it affects family
• Try to connect with them emotionally, make realize him\her that family is with them
• Be with them in difficult situations
• Regular checkup and health monitoring
• Come up with encouraging words and activities.
Nowadays there are several ways which help us to get rid of bad addictions like many rehabilitation centers and government schemes and special hospitals, other than this you can also try some home remedies to overcome the addictions.
Why home remedies for addictions free life???
In Ayurveda addictions refer to madatya, actually due to one or more doshas like pitta, vata and Kapha are influenced to become addicted to bad habits.
Once the person addicted to this, he\she hardly listen to family members suggestions so that kind of situations trying home remedies without going for hospital and clinic we can help them to overcome from this problem.
The home remedies which we can prepare by the simple ingredients which we have or which we can easily find in our kitchens. Just by following the step by step guide we can prepare the effective and simple home remedies to overcome addictions.

The home remedies are one we can trust because of the natural ingredients we use in preparing it and the side effects are not there with natural remedies as we use in the daily usage of herbs.
I hope the Simple and effective home remedies may help one who need…share with friends and family these remedies which might help in some way by reaching the addicted person!!!
PS – The Home Remedies suggested here and on the links are for general information only and anybody willing to try these must consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner before doing so. Although natural remedies do not cause severe side effects, some might be allergic to certain plants, nuts or oils and it is strongly recommended that these remedies have to be tried only after consulting with your doctor.

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