I am fat, I am ugly! How often do such thoughts cross your mind? Did you know that by constantly putting yourself down, you are sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Health and fitness demand positive thinking and a cheerful predisposition. Numerous studies suggest that everything going on in your head is having a tremendous impact on what is happening with your body.

Your Attitude and Your Weight Loss Efforts

Perpetual negative thoughts can easily contribute to self-destructive behaviours.

You tell yourself that you are fat and ugly. You tell yourself that nobody is ever going to love you. These thoughts put you down. As a result, you need something to comfort yourself with. One of the easiest and most readily available sources of comfort is food.

On top of making you turn to unhealthy snacks, a negative attitude will make you lose motivation to do something about your current state. You will lose the desire to exercise, to lead a healthy lifestyle and push yourself for the accomplishment of change.

Yes, It is All in Your Head!

Cognitive therapy is one of the options used to help people overcome negative though patterns. According to a Swedish study carried out in 2005, people who underwent cognitive therapy for a period of 10 weeks were either capable of losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. People that did not get the same kind of positive reinforcement gained weight over the same period of time.

Another very interesting study was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Young adults were enrolled in a programme aimed at changing behavioural patterns and increasing self-efficacy (the belief of an individual in their own capacity to do anything that they put their mind to).

The participants in the study that managed to increase self-efficacy found it very easy to change their eating habits, which resulted in higher weight loss than in the case of the control group.

Happy Thoughts, but How?

Right now, it may seem impossible to change your negative habits and thinking patterns. This is why professional assistance could be of particular importance. Weight loss hypnosis is one of the best options for replacing the negative thought patterns with self-motivation.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is simple, efficient and incredibly powerful.

Hypnosis makes it easy to imagine yourself the way you want to be. Instead of engaging in wishful thinking and putting yourself down, you will have a goal and the mental tools to accomplish that goal.

Through weight loss hypnosis, you will learn how to enjoy the process rather than restrict yourself. You will feel happy about the change you are making rather than depressed or pressured to get certain results within a certain period of time.

In essence, hypnosis is about making positive change in your life. It is about starting to lead a healthier existence that will lead to sustaining ideal weight and a positive self-image in the long run. This is the main reason why diets and other restrictions do not work they do not give you the tools to keep the change happening over a longer period of time.

Weight loss is more than calculating the balance between calories in and calories out. It is a lifestyle and in order to get the results you are hoping for, you need to be happy about it. Changing a few sub-conscious patterns through hypnotherapy for weight loss can make the entire process much easier.

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