With the radical change in the course of EC-Council’s CEH with the release of new version v11, we need to change our approach for its preparation. The CEH exam is basically divided into two major parts:

1. CEH exam: 4-hour exam that includes 125 multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
2. CEH Practical: 6-hour exam comprising of 20 practical challenges.

Both of them hold equal importance. In CEH, you learn to identify the loopholes in the network security of an organization and also determine the ways in which the security can be improved. Certified Ethical hackers are in high demand in the market because of the rising threats to our digital assets. In order to attain mastery in CEH, one must follow the steps which will help you to prepare for the exam:

• Choosing the right CEH exam:
The first thing to do is to explore and understand the levels of CEH certification. You can then decide the most appropriate CEH exam for you. This will majorly depend on your educational qualifications and the experience you hold in this field. You can check the pre-requisites at CEH v11 Certification Training

• Picking the right training institute:
Training helps you have a better understanding of a subject and strengthens your foundation so it is very important to choose the right training provider. You must also ensure that the training center is certified and recognized by proper authorities.
We at InfosecTrain have highly knowledgeable trainers who have expertise in their fields. We are one of the leading training providers and are globally recognized. You can also get in touch with our trainers and get your doubts clarified.

• Invest some time in R&D:
You must research and keep a record of the CEH exam pattern, latest updates, new innovations, etc. Explore the exam duration, the type of exam (subjective or objective), the passing score and check if there is negative marking.

• Self-study is a must:
In spite of the training, self-study is very important for any exam. Try to read the topics before-hand so that you will have a better understanding of the class and can clear your doubts and queries.

• Set a schedule:
Set your schedule and stay committed to it as it helps you stay clear on your goals. Take professional and other commitments into account while fixing the schedule.

• Have a thorough knowledge of the topics:
Explore all the topics in detail as it will not only help you in clearing the exam but will also improve your knowledge which will help you in real-life situations in the organization. An ethical hacking course will require comprehensive study and in-depth knowledge of the topics.

• Analyze your weaknesses and acknowledge your strengths:
Use SWOT analysis to identify your weak areas and strong parts. Work hard on your weaknesses and harder on the threats. Dedicate proper time to the topics you lack in and keep in touch with the strong part.

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Adhering to their approach of thinking like a hacker, ECCouncil is all set to launch the latest version of CEH: CEHv11, adding in the curriculum the latest advancements in the field of #cybersecurity.