If you are a young adult and have recently received a certificate from a driving school, you may not be aware of the emergencies that most drivers face when they are out on the road. Your parents have faced it, and they know what to do when any problems come around.

While driving lessons in Melbourne may teach you the basics of preparing for emergencies, you may not receive a detailed lesson on it. Here is a quick checklist that you can maintain as well as follow every word of it. It comes from experienced drivers as well as driving school faculty.

Owning a first aid kit in the car

To save tie, you can pick one from the kits available at the stores but not always can you get the essentials. Therefore, creating your personalised kit can be a great option too. You know what medicines or ointments suit your skin, you can pick band-aids, cotton, tapes, crepe bandages, pain killers, burn ointments, etc. All of these, when kept in the car, can come handy. You never know when accidents come knocking and that is why to stay safe, these can help you when in need.

Stock up on breakdown accessories

Even though your car is running smoothly, there may be times when you are on a road trip, and your car breaks down. Whether you know how to attend to the problem or not, there is the need for you to stock up on the basics. A spare tyre, tire iron, jumper cables, a torch, road flares, etc. If someone passing by comes along to help, you should be able to provide them the tools to revive your car at the soonest. If there is a garage close by, these may not be required, but you never know what is required when.

Take along extra clothes

They say that it is always safe to carry a bag that has an extra pair of clothing for yourself. Along with that, carrying jacket during winters or a raincoat during the rains is something essential. What if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a roadblock with no hotels or inns in sight? You need to stay in the car. The extra clothing can help you stay warm and safe. A driving instructor in Melbourne agrees that this applies to times when you may have to repair the car yourself during a breakdown, and your clothes have got dirty during the process.

Take food along

If you are on a road trip, it is obvious that you will be carrying along with food, but there are a few who think that randomly picking something or the other from roadside stores or probably at the gas station would suffice. Well, what if your car breaks down before you reach a store or your destination? What would you do then? That is why you should stock up on food beforehand. Energy bars, gum, candies, dry snacks, etc. come handy especially when you have to spend long hours without food. Carrying a few bottles of water too comes handy.

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The author has received training from driving lessons in Melbourne and knows about the essentials one should own in a car. These tips are brought together with help from driving instructor in Melbourne.