While naturally most industries have been severely impacted due to the coronavirus outbreak and its fallout that has led the government to implement a complete lockdown in several red-zone areas, some have fared worse than others. While the CEOs of industrial goliaths are trying to somehow keep the profit numbers up, some people have it harder, especially the self-employed business owners.

As many leaders point to the fact, small businesses are the actual backbone of the industry , well then quite clear to see that the economic backbone has been shattered as a result of this critical situation. Although we are not denying the benefits of the lockdown as far as general public safety is concerned, it’s also true that a lot of small businessmen have been pushed towards bankruptcy as a result of not having enough resources to keep themselves afloat till the situation gets better.

If you own a small local business yourself, it’s quite possible that you concur with the statements above, and that you’re finding it difficult to keep your brand afloat. However, this is where the focus of this article lies, the “true” business owner, i.e. local businessman and how their livelihoods have been impacted due to this rather unfortunate pandemic, and the lockdown that’s the consequence of this. We will also try and dig deeper to find if there’s a way for these merchants to get out of this downward spiral to restore some sort of normality into their businesses.

# Self-employed workers/ business owners in the midst of Covid-19 emergency:

Now and again of emergency, for example, the Covid-19 pandemic, most self-employed businessmen feel the monetary aftermath tremendously. The Government of various nations reported a worker work maintenance scheme, however, it completely failed to address the real matter at hand, which was to provide the necessities of the self-employed and it never really suppress their feelings of fear. Furloughing is not a realistic option for most of them, while the government again never mentions the people at the bottom of the food chain.

Shopping centers, megastore-owners are all attempting to get by, and waiting for crisis subsidizing, are depending on the help of their neighborhood networks to keep them above water. As always, they will be able to milk the government schemes for all it’s worth until it’s business as usual for them!

# Some methods self-employed business owners can adopt:

1. Retain your key employees:

Even if you think you might not need them at this time, you simply wouldn’t be able to survive the harsh market as soon as the situation gets better. If your government is compensating the businesses via Furloghing schemes, then you can simply choose to designate these key team members under the category of “furloughed staff” to claim the benefits.

2. Reclaim Sick day coverage for current employees:

This is a business after all, and a dipping one at that. As a business owner, you must maintain a proper record of all the employee leaves, especially sick leaves and you might also be asked to hand over the GP fit note, so make sure you have the necessary documentation in place so that you may be a beneficiary of the repayment mechanism that shall be introduced by the government in the coming weeks (in all likelihood)!

3. Defer Value Added Tax (VAT) & Income Tax Transactions:

An automatic VAT and IT deferral might be employed by international governments and on the back of this deferral, businesses that fall under the category of “SMEs” will not be liable to pay the taxes to the government for the duration of the lockdown.

4. For UK Businesses, Apply For CBILS Government Loans:

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS ) is a promising gesture by the British Government towards its regular merchant class where the government shall cover the first full year of full business interests and the business owners can make use of this loan scheme to get back on their legs & pay off the government in a more convenient manner.

5. Adopt The Use Of Social Media For Brand Expansion:

The only thing that’s keeping the regular person sane is social media. All major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, etc are all virtually crowded today with potential buyers and so you must not waste a single second to cater to them.

The power of social media remains unparalleled as far as brand expansion is concerned. All you have to do is get in touch with trustworthy digital marketing professionals who have a proven track record of bringing better clicks. While this will take some financial investment, the results are going to be worth the trouble if you take assistance from the social media experts.

6. Start Selling Your Products Online (if you can):

If you are a goods merchant and not a service provider, now is the time for you to finally test the power of the internet by putting up a website and deliver your products to an international customer base that might be looking for the exact services that you offer.

No matter what you sell, whether it be a window cleaner, a diesel generator
, branded deodorants, or anything else, you must get in touch with a proper web development company that can initiate an attractive looking website that perfectly matches your brand and has the added assistance of SEO magic to bring more eyes to your services and turn your local shop into an internationally recognized business entity.

# Would employers be able to compel representatives who are defenseless against going to work?

Businesses should, at every possible opportunity, mastermind powerless representatives to telecommute.

Be that as it may, there are conditions in which a representative can truly decline to work, unafraid of recrimination. In conditions of peril, where a representative accepts the threat to be not kidding and fast approaching, and which they couldn't sensibly have been relied upon to turn away if a worker decides to leave and not to come back to their working environment.


As they rightly say, “ When the going gets tough, tough people get going.”

The same applies to the present business owner. Now is the time to be mentally flexbile and innovative with your business approach because no matter how testing the times get, the cream always rises to the crop.

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