Most people panic during stressful events like speaking in public or during job interviews. Fear or panic is not always a bad thing because without fear we cannot survive. Our fear serves as a warning for us to be prepared in the face of dangerous situations so that we can take the necessary action to protect ourselves. For instance, if you are anxious about school exams, you will study harder and prepare for the exam to conquer your fear. However, there are people who are experiencing extreme fear or panic even though there is little or nothing to be afraid of. If you are scared even if you know there is no rational reason for your fear and it is so disabling to the point that you cannot function normally in your daily life, you might be suffering from panic disorder. It important to know how to recognize panic disorder to know what you are dealing with.

Panic attacks are characterized by sudden irrational extreme fear that something bad is about to happen. Panic attack can occur anytime and may reach its peak in seconds or within a few minutes and it can last longer than 30 minutes. The extreme fear prevents a sufferer to carry out normal activities like shopping, driving, etc. It is usually accompanied by psychological and physical symptoms. To recognize panic disorder you should know the common symptoms of panic attacks. The psychological and physical symptoms are as follows:

palpitation or pounding heartbeat
excessive sweating
chest pain
stomach pain
feeling of unreality
feeling of going crazy
feeling of losing control

Of course if you have the above mentioned symptoms, aside from knowing how to recognize panic disorder, it is best to talk to your doctor or seek professional help because there is help available and it is a treatable condition.

It is not yet known why people develop panic disorder but sometimes this kind of disorder runs in families. This kind of disorder often develops in late teens or early adulthood. Not everyone who experienced panic attacks will develop panic disorder.

Medications and psychotherapy are the common treatments. With proper guidance and the right treatment, sufferers can overcome their panic disorder. Of course it is best to seek the help of mental health professionals who are trained to handle cases like panic and anxiety disorder to guide you on the treatment plans.

It is important to recognize panic disorder to know the best treatment that will work for you.

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