How do you keep the flame going while in quarantine? This is the new question consuming couples around the world.

The quarantine life is a double-edged sword.

Now that everyone is working from home, couples get to spend more time together. But now that everyone is working from home, couples have to spend more time together. Striking the balance is not straightforward and looks different for everyone.

What everyone faces is the possibility to slip into repetitive routines. One week blends into the next. You forget what day it is. You see the same scenes and do the same things with little novelty. Your sex drive might even drop if you don’t make sure to do things that keep you happy and healthy.

Because of this, your relationship can get a bit dull.

It is important for you to realize that while there is a lot you can’t control right now, your options for spicing things up are plentiful. Here are a few ideas that can make the sparks fly again.

1) Exercise together

Exercising together is a great way to reconnect and feel good together. Whether you take an online class or go for a run, you’ll get a flood of endorphins, which will dissolve tension in your body and mind.

In addition to boosting your mood, for men exercise boosts testosterone. Consider exploring more facts about testosterone, as research shows increasing your testosterone can increase your libido, and your sex life as a result. This will ramp up your sex drive, which can easily drop off when things become too routine.

For women, exercise has been proven to improve a variety of female functions to improve sex drive and makes sex even more enjoyable. In addition to improving flexibility and strength, which lend themselves to more adventurous intimate encounter, exercise improves Kegel function so both partners will have more fun.

2) Surprise your partner with a romantic gesture
You and your partner may not be feeling very romantic in the midst of the pandemic, but this is not insurmountable.

Grocery stores are still very well stocked on wine, chocolate, and roses. Many people and couples truly believe that intimacy begins in the kitchen, what with heating things up, scents and aromas being produced, and exotic tastes on the tongue.

Your partner will be bowled over when she sees the arrangement of romantic treats you set out in the dining room (or bedroom, or wherever!). So, whip out the chef’s apron and spatula and treat your partner to a romantic meal for two, complete with candle lighting and mood music, to get the romance in the air!

3) Branch out, sexually speaking

This is a great time for a low-pressure conversation about sexual desires and fantasies.

It’s extremely common for women and men to withhold their fantasies from their partner because they are afraid of being judged or having their ideas rejected. Keep an open mind and let your partner know that they can feel comfortable telling you their thoughts.

You might find out your woman wants to make a sex tape, explore shibari (the art of rope bondage), or experiment with new toys. Or, you may learn that your boyfriend wants to try out a role play fantasy he’s been secretly obsessed with since high school.

Just talking about each other’s fantasies will get you both going, and set the stage for what just might be the hottest nights of your relationship so far.

4) Give them a foot massage

The foot massage is a highly under-used and under-rated segway to fabulous sex.

The feet are very sensitive and touching them can create immediate sensations of pleasure where it matters most. Meanwhile, sensually touching your partner is going to stir up your passions as you get aroused.

This intimate experience is very likely to lead to a whole lot more.

5) Write a love letter

Love letters are an endangered species these days, since so much communication takes place digitally. There’s a reason why humanity has been creating poetry for centuries, and it’s not because they were trying to confuse high schools students in the future

Your partner needs to feel loved and appreciated to be able to feel passionate about you, and a letter can do the trick. Reaffirm your feelings for each other through the written word and watch the sparks fly.

The time of quarantine need not be a death sentence for your romantic and sex life.

To the contrary, it is a time to become more creative. It is a time to connect with your partner in new and old ways, and to reinforce all the reasons you are together in the first place. Have fun!

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Misty Jhones