Teaching is one of the earliest and most respected professions in human civilization. From prophets to scholars, every teacher has their particular place in society. Moreover, it is one of the most excellent sources of earning. The advent and spread of information technology have made teaching a highly profitable profession, opening up a wide variety of methods in which a teacher can supplement their earnings online. Being a teacher utilizing online teaching myself, let me give you a quick walk through of how this is possible.

Online tutoring is just like traditional tutoring, being focused on the use of the internet. There is a broad spectrum of opportunities available depending on your personal preferences on how you wish to earn online. Online earning for teachers can be in the form of online teaching — one method of doing this through the use of monetized lectures. For example,Youtube allows monetized videos once your account meets specific requirements.

After that, every view for a certain length of time on your lectures will earn you money. This is a stable source of online earning because you get paid for every aspect, even on the oldest videos you uploaded. However,the possibilities of making money online from teaching do not end here.

Online teaching can also take the form of individualized tutoring. I have always preferred this method because it offers a good rate of earning. It is easy enough to perform just by clicking on sign-up button on an online tutoring platform like Ziyyara. Once you get approved, you can start earning by providing online teaching facilities to students who need help in subjects of your specialty. Believe me; there are many students out there who need help to understand certain topics, to prepare for an exam or to complete their assignment.
Assignment help can be considered as a whole different branch of earning from online teaching.

Simply put, you shall be given assignments of students who are finding it difficult to meet deadlines or understanding certain parts of their homework assignments. For example, if you are a Biology tutor, you may have to help a Biology student who is having a problem answering a few homework questions. This work is quite rewarding as tutors are paid for every session per student.

Online teaching makes it easier to earn and build a market for yourself compared to traditional methods of teaching. You are not restricted to students in your local area. Potentially, you could teach students from the other end of the country or even the world. As a teacher this gives you a much broader market potential. Moreover, the inclusion of information technology adds more value to online education. For example, sharing videos with your students, documents, setting up a discussion via sharing the same virtual whiteboard and much more.

Moreover, there are manyonline platforms that allow you to create courses and then sell them to multiple students. The earning is apportioned on a share basis between the service provider and the tutor. This is another way of making money online, allowing you to supplement your primary income. For example, I earn 30 percent of my total monthly receiving from the courses that I have created on various online tutoring platforms. This is an intriguing option for teachers because you have to work on it just one time. Once you have created the course, it can be sold over and over again with only minor adjustments, providing you a continued source of income.

To start earning online, the best way is to apply to an online tutoring platform like Ziyarra, which is already established in this market and has a stable online user/student base. The basic method to do is contacting the recruitment team of the chosen platform though an official E-mail. You may need to attach your C.V. mentioning your full name, qualification, and experience and contact information.The recruitment team of the tutoring platform reviews your application and evaluate your subject relevant skills by scheduling a written and oral assessment. Once you are selected, you will be asked to provide highest qualification certificates which assures your authentication and then you can start your earning by either providing one-to-one online tuition or custom-made courses. Online earning is possible through teaching both original course material and providing support lectures for courses that already exist. For me,

I give talks on various IGCSE subjects around the globe. At the same time, I also provide original routes on the use of computer and online earning. Tutoring established courses has the benefits of a well-developed and existing market, where you do not have to invest much to gain student attention.

However, the spectrum of online learning opportunities in the education field is not confined to tutoring only. Online teaching can involve curriculum development for courses being offered by online tutoring platforms. A teacher, like myself, can earn from proposing a solution with the best possible method of providing the course online. Both Online Tutoring and Online Teaching are being incorporated by many top school and institutions, who take services of third-party platforms to facilitate this implementation. A part of this integration with school and universities in the provision of subject content and material, making extra opportunities for online earning for teachers.

The online world is extremely generous in providing opportunities to individuals who are willing to take the benefit of this. As a teacher, I personally recommend people in the education field to take up this opportunity and make the most out of it by getting in touch with Ziyarra today. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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