By using this method, you can stay healthy and take care of yourself and your family in this season. Adopt these methods and enjoy the rainy season.

Eat Fruit-
Eat enough fruits during monsoon, because it gives you plenty of strength. But it is also very important for you to choose the right fruits. Eat fruits like pears, mango, apple, and pomegranate. There are many such fruits, which cause a pimple on your face. Avoid muskmelon and watermelon to remove acne from the face. Acne can also be raised on the face of consuming extra mangoes.

Dry food-
Do not consume the fluids found outside this season. Products such as fruits juice and water-rich fruit on the road can harm you. Instead, eat dry foods like peas, dices, and corn. Because eating excessive liquid food at this time comes swelling in the body, so it is okay to abstain from it.

Increase your immunity-
In the monsoon season, the body's resistance to the body also decreases by a considerable amount. Nowadays, with the help of home remedies, you can easily increase your body's anticonvulsant capacity. Whenever you are making soup, then mix the cloves at the beginning of the hot oil. This will increase your immunity during monsoon.

Water -
During monsoon it is very common to have water-related diseases in this season, so do not drink unboiled or impure water. Even after filtering the water it will be better to boil it because it will end all the bacteria in the water.
Avoid spicy food -
During the monsoon, the weather is not too hot or cold, so you will have the desire to eat spicy food. But this would be absolutely wrong. Avoid spicy foods during monsoon. This can cause skin allergies and other problems.

Stay away from stagnation-
During the monsoons, accumulated water will be easily available at your home and outside. It is really important to avoid stagnant water as this will rise to diseases like malaria and dengue. Keep throw water regularly in the water tank, flower pots and cooler. Because mosquitos grow in this stagnant water, so it is very necessary to throw this water in the monsoon season.

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