Steaming milk at your home is not as difficult as it seems to be. Instead, if you have basic knowledge and follow some pre-defined steps, it will be highly convenient to steam the milk within minutes. But if you really want to get good quality steamed milk, your task starts with the selection of right Espresso Machine. There are countless options available in the market.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps that you can consider to steam milk using the espresso machine.

Purge Water from Machine: Before you start the process of milk steaming, you should clean the wand of the machine. Generally, the machine is left with the condense water that is not recommended for the next use. Hence you need to clean the steam wand properly before using.

Submerge the Wand in Milk: Next step is to put the steam wand inside the milk cup. You should ensure the tip of the wand is below the milk level. Leaving it above the level will don’t give steam it. Instead, it will splash the milk out of the cup due to high pressure.

Tilt the Pitcher: Now you need to tilt the pitcher so that a complete whirlpool can be created within the pitcher. Tilting the pitcher will also give better space to the wand to mix the milk and steam it. Here you should tilt the pitcher to a level which doesn’t bring the milk out when you start the wand.

Start the Machine On: Once you are done with the right position, it’s time to start the streaming process and wait till the foam is developed. This process will take time. You need to maintain patience until you get results from the steaming process.

Create a Whirlpool: You don’t need to keep the pitcher at a particular place. Instead, you need to move the pitcher and create a whirlpool. The process will continue till you are unable to hold the pitcher, due to intense heat. This will create bubbles in the pitcher which is a clear sign of milk steaming.

Clean the Wand: Once the steaming process is done, it’s important to clean the wand as it was immersed in the milk. You can use any washing cloth to clean the wand and keep it back to its place.

Wait Till Bubbles are Over: The final stage is to keep the pitcher for a short time as it will remove big bubbles. The bubbles will not make the final output interesting and flavoured. Many a time, people even tap it on the counter to remove the bubbles and come up with steamed milk.
Pour it: At last, it’s time to pour the milk into the cup and serve it to the guest or enjoy it yourself.

Well, not every one of you really loves this process of steaming milk. Hence there is automatic milk frother which you can use to get the steamed milk without investing additional efforts.

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