“And How Can We Heal?”

We’ve all seen people eating super fatty meals or drinking lots of alcohol and they know it’s not good for them and they are obese… but they keep doing it.

Why is That?

1 - Self-Directed Anger - Sometimes a person has lots of anger locked away deep down inside. Anger stemming from childhood or adolescents… which makes them do things which are not in their best interest. Thus they start a downward spiral and many times end up in dire conditions.

2 - Habit - First there is the habit, the habit of eating or drinking anything is powerful. And it’s kind of like smoking… habits create an endorphin rush in our brains that makes us feel good for a few minutes and then it disappears and we feel bad. It takes 2 weeks to get over any habit… and that includes eating any kind of food that we are addicted too.

3 - Lack of Self-Worth - Take for instance a woman who was just 2 years old when her mother left to go to school in another part of the world and she was left with her grandparents for 2 years. He missed her mother very much. And unconsciously she started thinking she was not good enough… and that’s why her mother left her. And from that point on she started eating a lot and gaining weight. Now she weighs 300 pounds… and she is eating to stuff her feelings of not being worthy.

And there are lots of other reasons.

Ways to Heal - Doing some psychological counseling, meditation, and hypnosis can heal all of this. And thus a person can creates inner self-worth and feel strong and important and thus they can take care of themselves and kick the eating habit.

Spiritual Awakening - And there is also the great spiritual connection and an epiphany that takes place. And from that point on that person changes and never looks back on what they did in the past and they heal completely.

Are You Ready to Heal?

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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