There was time when the humans lived in small villages, and there were sufficient resources for everybody. Humans beings have now evolved and we now live in big cities where there is cut throat competition for success in every field. Everybody is running after success but there are few who can get them. In this atmosphere of Materialism and competition, People are found to fall prey to stress, anxiety and depression. The combination of these things can even lead people to fall victim to mental disorder like severe anxiety disorder. In this disorder, people get highly anxious at even small events, which are not capable of causing any harm to them. But the severest form of the anxiety disorder is in the form of anxiety attacks or the panic attacks.

These panic attacks are periods of intense fear and anxiety, where person is dangerously overwhelmed by anxiety. In panic attacks the person is completely overtaken by fear, so that he loses control over his body and his hands and legs become numb. In these panic attacks, the person feels that he is going to die and this fear further contributes to this disorder. The victim starts to sweat excessively, his mouth dries up, the skin blanches and there is feeling of dizziness. Not only this, the victim feels that he is not able to breathe properly and there is pain in his chest. The panic attack feels just feels like a heart attack, but the difference is that while heart attack is physical problem, panic attack is only in the mind of the victim.

So after hearing about this dangerous mental disorder, the only question that arises in any one’s mind is, How to stop panic attacks? Panic attacks are nothing but manifestation of the person’s hidden fears, so to deal with panic attacks, we would have to deal with this fear. You would have to find the root cause of your fear, and try to find the solution for eliminating it. Medicines and drugs are not much help in dealing with these mental disorders, the best way would be to go for meditation. You can learn different meditation and relaxation techniques in any centre where they teach you meditation.

Another thing which is very effective in these matters is exercises, workouts and deep breathing exercises. They help you to bust your stress and make you more self confident. In the end, it is a must to seek the advice of a reputed medical practitioner who is an expert in this field. Nowadays more and more people are benefitting by opting for different therapies which try to help people to understand their fears and battle them. If you can make your spiritual self stronger by meditations, then you can overcome this devil of panic attacks. But it is only your willpower that would see you through.

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