How To Stop Your Wife From Leaving: How To Convince Her To Stay With You

Your wife has had enough of your marriage. She's made that painfully clear to you and you're in a panic. It's understandable given the fact that you still adore her. You don't know what your next move should be but you do know that you don't want this to be the end. You love her and you're determined to keep your marriage together. You need to know how to stop your wife from leaving. Fortunately, there are a few things you can learn right now that will help you persuade her to give the relationship, and you, another try.

Understanding how to stop your wife from leaving is all about reawakening certain feelings within her. In most cases a woman will entertain the idea of ending her marriage because she feels neglected emotionally. She just doesn't feel appreciated by her husband anymore and the resentment she feels because of that just builds and builds. If you have allowed your marriage to take a backseat to everything else in your life, you can't really be surprised by the news that your wife isn't happy. She didn't sign up to be the last on your priority list. That's why it's essential that you change that now. You have to devote much more time and effort into making your wife feel deeply valued and appreciated by you.

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Begin by telling her how much she means to you. Don't just casually say "I love you, " as you're leaving for work in the morning. Sit down with her when you two won't be interrupted and tell her exactly why you adore her as much as you do. Mention the things about her that you admire the most. Be as specific as you can be. If she hears you telling her exactly why you're glad you married her, that will have a strong and positive impact on her. She'll start to understand the depth of your love again.

You also have to devote more time to your relationship if your wife is on the brink of walking out. You can't repair the problems if you're stuck in your office working on the latest work issue. Your marriage has to come before everything else and that means you'll need to make sacrifices. Rework your schedule so your wife has more time with you. Encourage her to talk about what isn't working for her in the relationship when you two do have your time together. Let her know, without a doubt, that you'll do whatever it takes to make her feel fulfillment again.

Once your wife really sees the lengths you are willing to go to in order to save the relationship, she'll rethink her decision. Often, all it takes is for a husband to start putting in the effort that is required to make the marriage work.

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When my wife told me she wanted a divorce I was blown away with shock and hurt and desperate to know how to save our marriage. Just when I had nearly given up hope I found a proven resource for saving marriages that really worked! I'd like to share what I have learned with others who may be struggling in a bad marriage and offer 3 things that you can do right now!

If you are looking for information on how to save your marriage, then you probably have already noticed that the Internet is full of resources from people claiming to be "experts" or doctors or therapists. I'm not making any such claims. In fact I'm just a regular married guy who was in a miserable marriage. I love my wife very much though and I just wanted things to be right with us.

We tried all the expert advice including marriage counseling but always ended up right back where we had been before. Still, I kept hanging in there and kind of assumed that we'd always be together and that things would somehow work out. My wife apparently felt different. I was completely caught off guard when she approached me in tears one day and told me she wanted a divorce. Throughout all of our fights and disagreements and problems, it had never been this bad!

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From that point on I desperately tried to keep our marriage from failing and proceeded to make things even worse. It turned out I was making the same mistakes a lot of other people make when the marriage is in crisis. In fact, the harder I tried to save my marriage, the more determined my wife seemed to end it. I only wish I knew then what I know now. I could have spared her and me so much pain and heartache!

The good news is that I did finally learn how to save our marriage before it was too late. Here are 3 things I learned that you can do right now and this will be a huge start:

1. You've got to get out of whatever negative emotions are controlling you right now (anger, fear, heartache, jealousy, mistrust, depression etc) because these emotions will cause you to make the common mistakes that destroy your chance to save your marriage. By putting yourself in a more resourceful state, you can be calm, rational & confident which are all considerably more attractive than the negative emotions.

2. As difficult as it might be right now, you have got to at least give your spouse the impression that you love them enough to let them go. Although it is natural to try and cling to those we love, the more we push at a time like this, the more they will pull away. By letting go, you hang onto some power in the relationship, you create an air of mystery and you make yourself much more attractive to your spouse.

3. There are certain specific things that you can say and do which will cause a specific reaction in your spouse that is much different than what you have probably been doing. This works even if you are the only one trying to save the marriage! But you must be willing to take action now!

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Do you lose sleep at night wondering if you can save your troubled marriage? Are you very concerned that your husband will soon ask you for a divorce? You are not alone; many women experience this every day. Divorce is extremely common these days, and statistics show a disturbing trend - one in every two marriages end on the rocks.

Be aware that even if your spouse doesn't seem interested in saving your marriage, it is never too late. There is absolutely no reason why you should end up as a statistic. The first thing to do would be to spend some time analyzing your relationship thus far and identifying the main causes of conflict within the marriage.

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There are many problems which can cause a marriage to go 'belly-up'. A few of these reasons are discussed below.

- Lack of interest - this is a common occurrence as so many times couples grow apart and have nothing in common anymore. This lack of interest generally results in boredom, and persons begin looking elsewhere in order to experience some excitement in their life. This is actually quite natural and there are many things which you can do to re-ignite the passion and re-introduce some spark in your relationship.

- Money issues - this is more common than you might think. Studies have shown that money is always a huge area which causes disagreement within marriages. When money is lacking, it does put a tremendous strain on any marriage.

- Unfaithfulness - nothing has the potential to destroy a marriage like an exposed affair. It can be very difficult to forgive an unfaithful spouse of infidelity. Many women never recover and find it hard to move on in spite of many assurances from their spouse. Lack of trust erodes a relationship like nothing else, and in light of marital infidelity most times the hurt partner finds it almost impossible to trust and love unconditionally again.

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How to build a happy marriage is one of life's great challenges and many people would be quick to call it impossible with the incredibly high divorce rates. However not everyone is getting divorced and not everyone that is married is miserable either! So what are some of the key things these happy couples employ to keep things running well despite any hardships?

Friction is inevitable!

While they may seem to be happy all the time these people are not without conflict. There will always be friction in any relationship, from small issues to large ones this is inevitable so we cannot deny it. We can look to reduce it and deal with it when problems arise. Pretending it does not exist or believing that your marriage has to be without friction to be happy is a mistake many couples make leading to overwhelming expectations and an inability to recognize the real priorities of their marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Take Charge of Your Happiness

Another tip on how to build a happy marriage is to realize that you are not responsible for your spouses happiness nor are they responsible for yours either. Together you can help and be supportive but you cannot be so interconnected that you are living each others miseries. Try to have a rich and full life as well as being loving and supportive because firstly it helps your personal happiness and secondly it makes you a more attractive person to your partner through the many long years of your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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