The first year of 2020s decade greeted humans with –‘adaptivity’. Adjustability, as we try hard to find-tune and respond to the prevailing Coronavirus outbreak. This virus-pressed reality has pushed- tourism companies, bloggers, and the hospitality sector to walk on an entirely different prospect.

Over the years, tourism has undoubtedly contributed greatly to the economic growth of various countries. However, the current pandemic situation posses a big challenge to the tourism sector. Furthermore, as per the estimates, this new reality could mean around a 60-80% decline in international tourism.

Despite the aforementioned, today’s hard-engaged lifestyle has broken the stereotype. As now, traveling is no longer considered a luxury but a requirement. Keeping the same in mind, we are positive that the sector will revive soon. In cue, for China itself, amid the first half of March, domestic travels resumed back by 100%. Nonetheless, several countries have also started considering recovery measures.

Keeping a well-updated crisis management plan in place can surely help the industry bounce back in full form.

#Forming a new branding strategy, since the old one may now seem dim. This new branding strategy should have a new agenda altogether. Unlike the older times, this strategy should sell safety first and then the brand. 2020 introduced us to a new humiliating but a credible alarm –‘safety’. No longer will your client be happy by seeing heavy discount offers. Offer them safety instead and see your business line reaching new heights. Remember, the more determined you are with your safety measures, the more you will gain your travelers' confidence.

#Gaining back travelers’ confidence and thereby refreshing the demand factor. A point that needs serious and steady work. The nasty human to human touch character of Covid-19 has given birth to an extreme level of panic worldwide. Therefore, in such a scenario, a traveler’s spirit should be brought back by preparing- safe and secured labels for various places. Taking domestic tourism camps one-day at a time to come in direct contact with tourists may turn-out to be favorable.

#Walk in-hand with trade strategies. "Considering the step by step normalcy plan, domestic tourism may flourish first" said Mr. Samir Sarkar, the CEO of Travel Chhuti Chhuti, an exclusive Sundarban tour package company in India. Flight restrictions, border control, and what not! International tourism is far away still. Thus, following the same operators should introduce a list of tour packages. Capable of being brought to public notice in a short period. These stimulating packages must include- special-food, accommodation facilities, and a complete list of precautions to be conducted. A short trip to nearby places with excellent food facilities may prove to be a beneficial one. In brief, for the time being, domestic travel should be under-lined and be the only focus.

#Liquidity is important. Liquidity plays a crucial role in any business. Here, liquidity can have two roles on its own.
a) working on rebuilding destinations, allowing innovations by collaborating with successful business markets.
b) the sector can also look forward by taking bookings via coupons and tickets. To keep currency flowing. The existing agencies can introduce and give special coupons to their old customers. Whereas the new start-ups can think about gifting a year of membership cards to their customers.

#Donot underestimate social media. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world revolves around social media. Topped with months of lockdown, which provoked people to spend more time on such platforms. As per various survey results. Social media is capable of boosting sales by up to 80%. Know your target audience. Or maybe, design different captivating advertising posts keeping a different set of audiences in your mind, at a time. In-Budget and handy to get instant fruitful results.

#Since the tourism industry is entirely on its knees, till the time Covid-19 defeasible, nature will keep blooming like never before. Therefore, for the next few months or maybe even years- nature and wildlife vacations may be preferred over historical monuments. Accordingly, the tourism industry should introduce more packages, next to sea, resorts, forests, hills.

#Take, the opportunity to rebuild and open new paths for the business. Since business, no doubt requires capital, but more importantly requires contacts! Exactly build contacts, contacts, and contacts. Another sector that works in close cooperation with the tourism industry is the hotel and hospitality chain, which is also facing the Corona attack in its way. With demands to remain low, the chain may have no other choice but to reduce tariffs. The tourism sector may connect with them to produce the single advertisement and budget-friendly tours to promote both and reduce costs.

Tourism plays and contributes a significant share in national economies of various countries worldwide. It brings in the much-needed foreign exchange, speaks about the country’s heritage and pride, and more importantly introduces humans to the country’s unknown reality. The recovery of the domestic sector is expected to start at a slower rate but is all set to take place. A tough and challenging task to manage virus and tourism economy, requiring cooperation globally. Nonetheless, the domestic sector is still expected to compensate for the international zone, apparently.

Author's Bio: 

Sushanta Ghosh is an avid traveler by hobby and an experienced digital marketer by profession.