Like everything, it takes a little practice to learn how to tie the tinsel to your hair and hold it in place. After some mooring practices, you will have no trouble doing it yourself. I have seen women who can tie them in their own hair using a mirror. Everyone has their own idea on how to tie the tinsel to the hair, we have tried them all. The secret to making the shine stay is just tied it to one hair. This will allow the hair to lock in with the shine as you tighten the knot.

First, select a hair along the top of your head on the party line. Remember that you will apply 5 to 20 strands of tinsel to the hair, you will have to space them evenly from front to back. The person performing the installation will have the recipient hold the hair with two fingers and pull the head up.

The installer now loops the glitter by folding it in half. It doesn't have to fold right in the middle, it can be shifted so that the ends of the glitter don't line up. Now you will wrap the glitter around the hair and pull the two ends through the loop, grab the two ends and pull them tight. This should make a slip knot around the hair, slide the glitter knot to the base of the hair. Now you let the installer finish tying the highlights.

With the installer holding the hair, tie a knot with one end of the glitter and the hair and tighten. Then you will grab the other end of the glitter and tie a knot with this. You can repeat this 2-3 times to ensure shine to your hair. The last knot you'll want to give it a slight tug to ensure shine, should lock it in place. If the glitter doesn't slide over the hair when you pull it, then tie it properly. If you can slide the glitter, you will need additional knots.

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