If you suffer from panic attacks you know very well how the extreme fear and anxiety that takes over your whole body can literally suck the energy right out of you. Severe stress can leave you feeling so depleted physically, emotionally and mentally that it can be very difficult to regain the strength needed in order to feel balanced and calm again.

Research has shown that binaural beats are able to work directly with the brainwave frequencies in order to create a calm and relaxed state of mind. By lowering the brain frequencies it is possible to create a peaceful and positive mind state without using any medical treatments.

What can too much Stress Cause?

Surviving with daily stress can obviously have many negative effects. Of course we all have to deal with a certain amount of stress and anxiety in life but some people do tend to suffer more than others.

A full blown panic attack can be very scary as often it leaves us with a feeling of being totally out of control. This sense of hopelessness can cause sickness, lack of energy, depression, and a general sense of feeling very unbalanced and possibly alone.

How can Binaural Beats Help?

Although there are many different methods to cope with stress, anxiety and even panic attacks I have not found any others that work as well as listening to a binaural beats audio.

During a full fledged panic attack I can sit myself in a quiet room, close my eyes and tune into a binaural beat recording. After about twenty minutes I am completely calm. The odd time I may need to listen to the recording twice but it always works for me.

In fact it always amazes me how the binaural beats can completely change how I am feeling. At the end of the recording I feel calm, relaxed and almost like I am floating. Often I will fall asleep and other times I simply continue on with my day in a far better state of mind.

I believe the binaural beats take you from the “fight or flight” state of mind to a more grounded and balanced reality. If you have tried other methods such as deep breathing, meditation, affirmations, exercise, journaling, etc. and not had a lot of luck I would highly recommend trying a simple binaural beats recording.

I think it is always best to combine several different methods of dealing with stress and panic attacks but I can say with absolute certainty that binaural beats have worked best for me. I can count on them to work every single time without fail.

Bottom line is stress is a part of life. Some people suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis and unless you can discover a reliable coping method you will likely begin to feel very withdrawn and unbalanced.

If you think you would like to try using binaural beats as well I would recommend doing a little bit of research as to which binaural beats are best to use. They are not all created equal of course and it is wise to use only original raw audios from a reputable brainwave entrainment company.

No matter what your stress level it is very possible to find affordable, good quality binaural beats that will work for you.

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