A massager is the next best thing to the actual massage you get at a health spa. Regular use of the massager improves the skin tone. If you have aching muscle, the massager provides the best solution. Here we see how we use this.

Remove the dead skin

For this, we must use the button fixture on the facial massager. The dead skin on the face is not visible to us. But, they remain on the top of the facial skin and make the skin appear dead and lifeless. When we apply the massager, it removes the top layer of dead skin and exposes the fresh skin underneath. The button causes the exfoliating action and helps massage the skin thoroughly.

Clean the skin

Apply some cleaning lotion and use the massager. Use the soft pads of the massager. The rotating and massaging action of the pads cleans the pores of the skin. Now wipe the face dry and apply the toning cream. Apply the massager again. The facial skin develops a good tone because the skin toner is now spread uniformly on the face.

Rejuvenates the flesh beneath the skin

You can increase the blood flow if you use the massager in low and high settings alternately. It breaks up the blood vessels underneath the facial skin and this will help improve the complexion. The youthful look appears when the flesh beneath the skin is stimulated. Do this at least once a week to preserve the good look on your face.

Apply on stiff muscles

When you have pain in some part of the hand or leg, you can use pain relief massager for comfort. Use the medium setting on the massager and move it slowly in the direction of the muscle. Do this repeatedly for 10 minutes. The knots in the muscle will vanish and you will get relief from the pain. You can also apply it to the back and lower back since this is the part that is often affected.

Sprain relief method

Keep the massager in high setting and apply it to the part between the muscle and the joint. The sprain will ease and you can get relief. Most sportsmen will experience this at some point in their career. The way forward is to check the points where you have the pain and use the massager in short bursts.

Relaxation after hard work

You can use the massager after you work continuously for a long time. The body becomes fatigued and you get aches and pains. Keep the massager in low setting and move it gently over your hands and legs. This will stimulate the flow of blood and relax the muscles. Use this as often as you need since this has no side effects.

Keep a massager handy always. It is the best form of physiotherapy. You can stimulate the tired muscles or relax them. Only when the muscles are in top condition one can perform well and achieve glory. Choose the one that comes with battery operation mode. Then, you will find it easier to handle than if you were to use an electric cord.

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