As a senior high school student, you may wonder what you can do to differentiate yourself from the other candidates and how best to show your experiences, values, and skills in your application.

One of the best opportunities for admission consultants to introduce yourself is with your school essays. For universities such as Notre Dame, who don't conduct admission-related interviews, your application papers are treated as written interviews of various kinds – a way to add to your application your voice and personal touch.

Be unique:

Please keep in mind that hundreds of applications are being read every week by admission advisers in each of the universities to which you apply. That's why it isn't the best way to choose topics in your paper based on what you think we want to hear if you think that we want to hear a particular subject, it is probably a very common topic that we've read time and again and we won't distinguish ourselves from.

This doesn't mean that if you have an experience that no one else has had, you should only compose an interesting essay. Even if you decide to write about a different experience, activity, or theme, we encourage you to write this from your unique perspective and with your authentic voice.

Have others read over your essays.
It is always good to have somebody you trust to proofread them (carelessness is easily avoidable!). Your essay must be written well. You may lack a valuable opportunity to have them read with fresh pairs of eyes if you continue writing your essay and wait until the last minute. It's also very clear if you have simply checked a box in your essay.

Another value added by having someone read your essays is to make sure that you have your voice. Sit down at the beginning with a pen and paper and see things that are important to you, whether they are your values, your experiences, your passions, or things with which you have been involved, have influenced others. This is only a small sample of the many topics which can lead to an essay. Make it personal! Make it personal! Have fun with that! Have fun with it! Don't fear using humor in your essays if you're funny. It's probably not a great time to test new jokes if you're not blessed with a sense of humor.

Make the most of the short essay questions:

Every year, our reception staff work hard to identify which questions are to be included in our written supplement. This year's promotions include a variety of questions that let us know more about your impact on a community of which your hometown, your values, your opinions, your experiences and more is a meaningful place.

I'd encourage you to use this question to examine why you apply to Notre-Dame first. Whereas it may be tempting to copy and paste a response from another university's addition to writing and modifying a few things. This can be a useful exercise, so that you can reflect your goals and expectations for your college education and can also explain why Our Lady is fit for your time at school and elsewhere to our admissions.

What makes a good admission essay?

Simple and personal essays are often the best. Admission officers tell me they like all kinds of stories over and over again as long as they are genuine, reflect, and respond quickly. While tiny, focused stories are more relevant than anything else, colleges are less critical than you or your worried parents would assume of student essays.

What should I write about?

What do colleges, beyond your grading, transcripts, and test scores, want to know about you? Take into account your best qualities, not your achievements and experiences. Keep in mind that schools want to know, not what you did, who you are. You want genuine stories that illustrate positive features and insights that reveal meaningful things about you.

Why are college essays so important?

Personal statements are very important when adding an application file context. Tamara Siler, Senior Admission Associate Director, at Houston, says "Quantitative factors, such as transcripts and test results only tell part of the story. "A personal statement can set a context and show why some students match better than other capable students. Sometimes an essay can lead a student to reveal to the admission committee something that we never had imagined asking.

College Essay Tips from Admissions Counselors:

This is the essay I like to feel the student's heartbeat — what ticks them. I usually end up with my favorites saying "I can't wait to meet them or see what the resources are going to do here at Bucknall."

To write a good essay you don't have to have an extraordinary life experience. Some of my favorite essays have always been about regular activities, like learning from a grandmother to make pasta every Sunday. Remember that you make yourself who you are, the ordinary or everyday things you do. And that's what we try to know about.

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