The essay, or as it is also called the motivation letter, is one of the most important documents for admission to a US institution of higher education. In this Monroe college essay prompt, you are able not only show a high level of knowledge of the subject of interest to you (for example, I love psychology and my introductory essay was about her, as in the Monroe college essay examples below), but also your personal experiences and feelings, for example, you can describe why you want to enter to this particular college. Let's look at an example of such a letter.

Monroe college essay question

My main Monroe college essay question would be - “What is the real use of psychology in life?”. It is known that the course of any disease depends not only on the disease agent and the state of the body but also on how the patient himself presents his illness, how he treats it, how describes it, in other words, the “inner picture diseases. " However, the attitude to the disease itself is associated with a number of psychological factors, the peculiarities of the emotional structure of the personality, the nature of the generalizations that the personality has. The study of characterological features in the structure of the personality, which psychology deals with, is therefore of great importance in medicine, which allows one to come closer to the scientific basis of the practice of psychotherapy, mental hygiene, and psycho-prophylaxis. Below would be the Monroe college essay examples, or rather, options of what you can talk about in your essay. In the case of lack of the time you are able to buy a cheap dissertation.

Monroe college essay examples

A special place is occupied by psychology in such branches of medicine as neurology and psychiatry.

They can provide significant assistance in solving two major issues - the diagnosis and nature of the disease, on the one hand, and the restoration of impaired functions, on the other.

It is known that focal brain lesions are only partially expressed in the symptoms of classical neurology, such as changes in sensitivity, reflexes, tone, and movements. A significant part of the cerebral hemispheres is not directly related to any of the processes mentioned and the defeat of these parts of the brain does not lead to their noticeable disturbances. These parts of the cerebral hemispheres are associated with the implementation of higher mental activity by analyzing incoming information, forming plans and action programs, and controlling the flow of conscious activity. That is why the defeat of these parts of the brain without causing distinct physiological symptoms can lead to noticeable violations of the complex of mental activity.

In recent decades, a new area of psychological science has emerged, which we have already mentioned above — neuropsychology. She made it possible to see which factors that make up the complex forms of mental activity that are associated with certain parts of the brain and which types of mental process disorders occur when they are damaged. Thanks to this opportunity, it became possible to introduce a new and practically important method for diagnosing local brain lesions using a psychological analysis of the nature of disorders in higher mental processes of topical (local) diagnosis of brain lesions. This method is firmly established in the practice of the neurological and neurosurgical clinic, and the data that psychology has to solve such practical problems will be given in the relevant chapters of this book.

Equally important is psychology and to clarify the diagnosis of mental illness. Violations of perception and action, memory and thinking are completely different in various forms of mental underdevelopment and in various mental illnesses. Therefore, the application of methods of experimental path of psychology in a psychiatric clinic allows you to significantly clarify the diagnosis of mental illness is included as an essential part of the general psychopathology.

Monroe college essay prompt

Psychology is of great practical importance in the development of the scientific basis for the restoration of the functions impaired during brain damage.

Until relatively recently, it was believed that functions impaired as a result of local brain damage are not restored and brain damage (especially of its leading, dominant hemisphere) leads to irreversible disorders and causes the patient to be completely disabled.

However, the study of the complex systemic construction of higher mental processes showed that each complex form of human mental activity carried out with the help of a whole system of jointly working brain calls allowed to radically revise all the provisions. It showed that functional systems that are disturbed by any focal brain damage can be rebuilt on the basis of creating new functional systems based on intact brain regions. Thus, impaired functions can be restored on new foundations.

The theory of recovery of higher mental functions, impaired by local brain lesions through special rehabilitation training and developed in psychological science, has become one of the important components of modern medicine.

Finally, it should be mentioned the last area of practical application of psychology, forensic psychology. The investigator and the judge constantly deal with complex forms of mental activity, with his motives and character traits, with the boundaries of his perception and memory, with the peculiarities of his thinking. Therefore, the consideration of the psychological characteristics of these proposes should be an obligatory component in the training and activities of judicial and investigative workers.

Psychology has developed a scientific approach to two important sections of judicial and investigative practice, the analysis of testimony and the psychological diagnosis of the participle of a crime.

It has been proven that testimony provides reliable material only within certain limits, and the degree of this credibility can be established using special experimental psychological research.

On the other hand, the committed crime leaves traces not only in the external situation but also in the psyche of the criminal himself, therefore there are objective psychological methods by means of which these traces can be detected.

Naturally, the inclusion of psychology in the solution of these issues makes it possible to make an important contribution to the construction of a judicial-investigative case on a scientific basis and constitutes an important section of the practical application of psychology.

Thus, psychology is not only an important section of science, but it has widely branched areas of practical application, giving a scientific basis for important areas of practice.

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