In the last two months, my blogs have focused more on the philosophy of operational systems. The next blog goes from philosophy to straight content.

We are going to talk about actual systems, and so we are going to review just about every system that you need to be able to get through your business.

Daily office operations
Think about what makes your office run such as answering phones, dealing with mail, office supplies, faxes, etc.

Development systems
How do you develop products, packaging, and manufacture?

Manufacturing and inventory systems
How do you determine product or service warranties, establish product or service pricing and inventory production?

Order Processing.
How are you taking orders and recording them?

Billing and Accounts ReceivablesHow do you bill, receive payments and collect from customers?

Customer Service
How do you handle returns, inventory, customer repayments and complaints?

Accounts Payable
How do you handle money coming in?

What is your process for creating and up keeping marketing?

Human Resources Systems
How do you hire, discipline and fire employees?

General Accounting
How do you manage the Accounting process, cash, budgeting and forecasting?

General Corporate Systems
How do you negotiate and draft contracts, develop product, and pay taxes?

Physical Space Management Systems
How do you maintain your physical office space?

The idea is not that you need to cover every one of them immediately, but as you look to systematize or enhance the efficiency of your business, this is a relatively comprehensive list of all the things that you can address.

Building and developing these kinds of system processes is what the Confident Solutions Coach does for the entrepreneurs and business owners that we work with. Do not feel overwhelmed, these are actually very tractable if you get help and the right people supporting you.

Author's Bio: 

Hugh Stewart is a business coach committed to helping those who are ready to move their business to the next level. His confident solution coaching will enable you to…

○ Cultivate a personal culture of change
○ Optimize how you spend your time and focus
○ Design workflow around your most profound talents
○ Develop masterful delegation and outsourcing habits
○ Work on developing and streamlining your work processes
○ Create the clarity, focus, action & results you deserve

You will discover how to...
• Master time and attention management
• Maximize income and rewards based on your best talents and abilities
• Hire and delegate effectively
• Develop business systems
• Create a sustainable and referable experience for your customers

The Confident Solution Cycle is a unique process that uses your current skills and abilities to achieve a clearly identified objective. The process serves to cultivate a personal culture of change and success with specific areas of focus listed above.