Beginners at travel are often afraid of meeting people, especially while traveling solo. This fear of coming across strangers is so massive in some people that they fear to step out of the house even for small household chores. This social anxiety makes them under-confident and highly self-conscious. They start estimating their self-worth in every situation whenever they meet someone. They want to be like others and want to shed their inhibitions, but they cannot do so. However, the good part about this phobia is that it is entirely curable. If you happen to suffer from this fear of encountering new people, you can trust yourself to cure it sooner or later, no matter how big the concern is.

Why it is essential to overcome the phobia

While there are many ways to conquer something inside you that does not let you live your life to the fullest, the first thing is that you need to understand why it is crucial to do so. When you make efforts to be more open to social life, you can open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities. Whether you are out to shop for grocery, or work in an office, it is essential to lead a confident life while talking to people around you. Being an introvert or shy person does not let you open up completely, which may lend you significant stress even in usual daily greetings. Like other confident people you see around at cafés, restaurants, and offices, you may also want to go forward to initiate talking to someone you find impressive. Still, if you suffer from this anxiety, you need to practice speaking to people and have patience.

How travel can help you heal

Fear of approaching people is deep-rooted in the heart, which means no one else but only you can kill it. Journeying around the world is a very useful method becoming more confident than ever, and prove it to yourself that:

  • You have the capacity to speak to people.
  • People often respond positively when anyone approaches them. Even when they do not want to talk, nine out of ten people will be polite while refusing.
  • Even when you face refusal, it will make you stronger than before.


To begin with, you need to plan a trip with your friends or alone, to make it better. Solo travel pushes you out of your comfort zone more quickly than group travel. However, you can take it slow and take baby-steps to transform yourself. You can increase the level of difficulty of your exercises when you start feeling a little confident. As you go for your first trip, find someone you think may be open to talking. You do not have to speak to that person. Just pass by him or her, give a smile and greet the good morning. You may find that person bewildered, but you do not have to feel conscious because of it. Not many people are habitual of receiving greetings from strangers, especially in India. You may not get an encouraging reaction from everyone, but at least it will make you gradually feel better.

While using the Car on Rent App for any of your road trips, for example, you will have to deal with the company representative. You can try talking a little to him or her about the car while receiving the vehicle. Ask about the state of the car, the mileage it gives, and the emergency contact number. Just by being in situations when you have to force yourself to talk to people, you can commit yourself to better mental health in due course.

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