Outsourcing accounting services has increasingly become a common trend
for today's businesses. Virtual accounting is the newest outsourced method
which is cost effective and efficient. Technology has made virtual accounting
very easy and is really helpful for companies nowadays. 

During this pandemic, more and more companies are hiring cloud based
virtual accountants for their accounting related services.  You’ll enjoy
accurate financial reporting at your convenient time. You’ll get instant 24X7 accesses
to financial data to make business decisions and more. 

What is Virtual Accounting?

Virtual accounting is an online platform with the use of technology
that allows experienced and qualified accountants to offer their services to
businesses virtually. Enabled by the online collaboration skills and internet,
it consists of a team of virtual accountants offering online Virtual
accounting services
instead of working at the client’s office. 

The following are the ways where virtual accounting can help your

  1. Maintain
    Accounting Competence:

When the company is looking to expand it’s accounting department, there
is no delay in training their accountants because of virtual accounting
benefits. Internal accounting requires to hire and train new  bookkeepers
and accountants to meet the needs of the company on the company’s accounting
procedures. While an outsourced accounting firm handles its own staffing and
training. They have an experienced team with them who can handle accounting
needs immediately. When the third-party hires new employees, they have the
financial expertise to hire at speed. 

2. A virtual accounting department adjusts to your
staffing needs:

Businesses using virtual accounting have full control over their
finances but they have the benefit of getting only the accounting work they
need, nothing more or nothing less. An outsourced virtual accounting department
can integrate with the company’s internal accounting department to create a
blended solution. 

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3. Lowers the business costs:

Hiring a full time accountant can be expensive for the business. In
addition to a monthly salary, you need to train them and provide employment
benefits. Now, with Virtual Accountants, you only need to pay for the
accounting services rendered by them. This is a major cost saver especially for
the startups and small businesses who do not have the budget to hire
experienced and qualified bookkeepers and accountants. 

4. Provides you with the latest financial data:

Every business requires current financial data such as cash flow,
inventory, payments and receivables. You need this data at any point of time to
make some strategies and business decisions. But with a virtual accountant, you
don’t have to wait for this crucial information by your accountant. Virtual
accounting services provide real time information. The dashboard is available
24 by 7, that can be instantly viewed for the financial data you are looking
for. You don’t have to be a technology or an accounting wizard to view this
information on the dashboard. They are easy to use and can be managed by anyone
who has basic computer skills. 

5. Automates your entire accounting process:

For any business, a full time accountant involves a lot of paperwork
and even storing physical files of your tax returns. Virtual accounting
companies help automate the entire accounting procedure. They use the latest
software tools that are installed in any cloud platform rather than on a 
local server. They store and share the financial documents that you can access
at any time. With the use of automated tools, you can make electronic payments
to your employees, vendors as well as generate invoices. This eliminates the
hassle of issuing checks and simplifies the payment process. 

6. Manage your tax efficiently:

Paying your taxes can be a daunting task especially for small
businesses. Additionally, not paying taxes on time can lead to penalties and
cause damage to business credibility. Virtual accountants have expertise who
manages your taxation virtually and calculate the right amount of tax to be
paid. Be it payroll or taxes, virtual accountants are experienced to manage
them all. As a business owner, you can focus on core activities to grow and
sustain your business without having to concern yourself with tax deadlines. You
digitally have easy access to the stored tax returns and other sensitive
information using a centralized dashboard. 

7. Secures your financial and accounting data:

For any company, their financial and accounting data is of utmost
importance and shouldn't land up in the wrong hands. Through the use of
technologies, virtual accounting firms store the data on highly secured cloud
storage that is protected from all sorts of online threats. This storage data
is much safer than storing them on local computers or any physical location of
the office. 

8. Convenience:

Sometimes, it can be disruptive to consult and meet with your
accountant at the middle of the day to sort out things. Virtual accountants can
connect with you at any point of the day at your convenience, saving your
valuable time. 


More and more businesses are adopting virtual accounting systems to
operate their business especially during this coronavirus outbreak. This
pandemic has taken a toll on businesses and the economy. Companies are relying
more on virtual platforms to get their work done. Be it accounting, meetings, and
hiring or team collaboration. Virtual accounting at Ledger Bench helps to keep
the track of all financial transactions, control business expenses, taxation, and
advisory services and identify opportunities to grow the business.

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