Globally, at least over 2 billion people use the drinking water source that has been contaminated in some way or the other. Consumption of contaminated water can pose severe health hazards, and in rare cases, it can also cause death. Hence, many countries are hugely investing on the sanitation program to avail clean drinking water to the people.

In their grand endeavors and dream, the contribution of water testing labs is extraordinary. Even India is also facing the same threat, and water testing labs in Delhi are providing the support and assistance to the government of India through their services.

Water has to go through a lot many processes and this might lead to a huge investment. But there is a smart alternative to those huge costs. You do not need to incur a lot of cost of the testing labs by following these specific testing mechanisms and you can still ensure the finest quality water around you.

Dawn of Test Strips in Water Testing

Most of the water testing labs are using unique test strips that can instantly change the colour upon contact with a contaminated water. In this way, through this strip test, the acidic or alkaline nature of the water would be easily found out. In this strip test, in the testing labs, a specific chart is hung with the colour indication that summarizes the nature of the water. Hence, it straightway saves a lot of revenue as the testing labs can avert the use of sophisticated machinery for this purpose.

Colour Disk Test: A Smart Alternative

Most of the water testing labs are deploying this solution for an affordable water testing. In this technique, the professionals use colour disk test kits. These kits are specifically designed to straightway analyse the nature of the water. During the test, a liquid reagent is added to the water in a reusable plastic container.

After mixing the reagent in the water in a small see-through plastic box with levels, the user rotates the circular box. In the see-through box, different levels with colour are printed to match with the water poured in the container. The user conducting the experiment rotates the colour printed disk on the outer layer of the box. As different colours are displayed on the disk, the user can match the water colour and the disk conveys to the user the nutrients or pollutants available in the water.

These are very effective and affordable water testing techniques that most of the labs in Delhi are using nowadays.

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