Your energy levels affect the choices you make in your life. When you have an abundance of energy, you exercise more. Since you exercise, your circulation is better and you can think more clearly. You feel more motivated and move more confidently. When you don’t have that energy, you can lose that feeling of motivation. You might exercise less but hurt more. Maybe you have been too tired to go to the gym, or maybe your once favorite golf game is causing a nagging pain in your back. Here are some of the ways your posture affects your health.

The Results of Poor Posture

You may not realize it, but improper alignment can zap your energy and make you feel tired. When you’re feeling tired, you feel less motivated, which can cause you to slump a bit, feeling tired. This is a vicious cycle.

Here are some other results that can impact you:

  • Fatigue
  • Lower motivation to exercise
  • Less cognitive ability
  • Pain
  • Joint stress
  • Lower fat burn
  • Compromised muscles
  • Proper Alignment

    Most of us grew up believing good posture means tightening your belly and pushing your shoulders back. This stance would be difficult to maintain throughout the day, and isn’t even correct.

    When you have good posture, your body is in a relaxed, neutral position. Your shoulders aren’t tensed or pulled back. If your muscles are tight or rigid, you’re trying too hard. Correct alignment should be easy. With a little time, it should be effortless.

    Here are some tips to maintain proper alignment:

  • Weight even on both feet
  • Knees over hips
  • Hips over knees
  • Shoulders over hips
  • Ears over shoulders
  • Chin parallel to floor
  • Hazards of Bad Posture

    We slouch over our computers, slump in our chairs, and most likely don’t give walking across a room any thought. After a day at work, your neck is stiff, shoulders ache, and your knees might be getting a little painful. Over time poor posture can cause damage to your joints. That slouch could become permanent.

    Choose Your Lifestyle

    Your energy levels will affect your motivation. Taking a little time to improve your posture will improve your energy levels, motivating you to be more active. When you have good posture you will appear taller and maybe a bit lighter. The confidence you display on the outside can affect the thoughts on the inside. Your posture will affect your lifestyle.

    If persistent pain is causing your bad posture, or if working to improve your posture is causing you discomfort or pain, get an appointment with a chiropractor, because good posture shouldn’t hurt. Your chiropractor understands the impact your posture has on your lifestyle.

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    Claire Stewart is a freelance writer and blogger focused on writing about health, travel, and business among other topics. She graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors in Women’s Studies and currently lives in Seattle with her goldfish, Merlin.