The truth about the physics of positive emotions may not always please moaners, and losers, especially when you try, with your best of intentions, to help them overcome their own limitation.

People will always resist that which they cannot understand. They will always tell you “this is how we brought up and learnt to do things” even the doing is bringing about the same failure over and over again.

I have recently been mentoring a retired Chief Executive of the Business Development Agencies. In his email, he outlined all the grim, and unhappiness of his own life. His reasons were not viewed from the point of truth that they are self imposed, and not the fault of banks and government as he seemed focused on the blame game.

The following words are his own words he used in an email he sent me

'Crisis' '

nobody wants to help'

Just paid Gordon Brown his tax demands!!

' We all have to struggle'

' upsets and unhappiness'

“No resources “

“The financial scene has changed so much with the Banking crisis. I have tried all ways but nobody wants to help except at ruinous rates”

After the initial assessment, I discovered that all of his entourage, friends, family and colleagues functioned at the same level as he does. He complained about how bad the world is, and how the banks were the cause of his financial debts. He mentioned that he doesn’t have the resources to overcome the burden of debts.

Just spending an hour with such people can sap your energies like vampires do. It is not surprising to see how often a person of this nature can attract similar people, with similar events and circumstances. He said that most of his friends and colleagues are depressed, and that they all agree that crisis and financial debts are caused due to Gordon Brown actions. He went on saying,

“I don’t have the resources, I don’t have good advisors, I don’t have this, and I don’t have that”.
the under achiever will always give you ' reasons' why he or she can't do so and so, such patterns of language are quite common in the lowly world, obsessed by what they perceive as fact, and dwell into those facts, and become the problem rather than the solution.

There are claims to you missing resources, and they may be accurate, people may not have good advisors, they may not have immediate access to funding, BUT that is not the defining factor!

The defining factor is never the resources, it is the resourcefulness.

What I mean by resourcefulness is the emotions, the power of positive emotions, the feeling that you can be, do, and have anything you want. The neuro visualization techniques, the discipline of mental toughness application, the emotional management training is the resourcefulness. The resourcefulness is the key to you power. This resourcefulness will drive you further to take the so called ' crisis ' by the throat, and squeeze it all the way to success. If friends and colleagues cannot function on the level of resourcefulness, they are going to drag you down to their level of scarcity and failure.

Last year I had the privilege to observe two business owners with similar products, one was making a killing, and the other was losing. Upon research and observation, it was becoming clear, that the one who was doing well, had access to his emotional resourcefulness, the other was saying he does not have good manager, he does have the money, he doesn’t have the technology, he went on as far as bringing up all the crisis of his life to justify his failure, which had nothing to do with the resources that were available to him, but what he lacked, was the resourcefulness.

Just spending an hour with such people can sap your energies like vampires, to drag you down to their level of unhappiness so that they can feel bit better knowing that they are other losers on their side. Their patterns of linguistic can be hypnotizing because it is backed up by the so called ‘facts’ of media hypnosis and propaganda.

Their narrow world view is deeply rooted in their nervous system, and thus it becomes the virus of belief systems similar to deadly computer virus. Only coaching or mentoring can bring them out of the dark and right into the centre of true light.
You are made of sound and lights

You are the divine intelligence

You are the pilot of your universal ship

You are one of the winners who verses the many who talk,

You are the ocean of infinite possibilities

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Andre Zizi is a philosopher, qualified teacher, NLP facilitator, trained in the educational psychology. His specialty is in the area of mental toughness and emotional mastery, stress, the psychology and process of business start ups, relationship conflict, how to prevent or overcome an illness and or how to achieve dream goals.

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