First of all, the phone case is very strong to protect it from dirt and unwanted damage. The case is made of durable plastic to increase its longevity. The phone has an attractive and sleek polish polish with nicely shaped phone edges instead of those pesky sharp corners. It is also lightweight and can be worn in the palms of your hands. It is a great pocket mobile phone.

The phone case is made to protect it from dirt and undue damage. The case is made of plastic to increase its longevity. The phone is attractive and stylish and its image will be greatly enhanced when seen with this phone. The edges of the phone have been molded very well to eliminate sharp corners. It is also lightweight and therefore can be easily carried in the palms of the hands. You won't feel the weight even if you carry the phone for long periods of time. You can insert it into your pocket due to its relatively small size.

This phone allows you to easily switch between full and half QWERTY keyboards. You can also navigate through programs quite easily with the 3.5-inch touchscreen. The Internet browser Google Chrome is used on this phone, although you can download your own browser, such as opera min and Mozilla firefox. Google Chrome is used as it is compatible with many applications such as Google Talk, Google search, and Google maps.

Google maps, when used with GPS services, can allow you to easily locate the exact locations of places. You can get a point-to-point address anywhere you want. You can also view images of towns and cities in a rather elaborate way. This service is especially important if you are going to visit a place that you are not used to.

The phone comes with a camera that allows you to take appropriate pictures and images of important places and events. You can also record videos to capture important events. The camera has many features such as zoom, image stabilization, and a fairly high resolution. This allows you to create a good video or take a good photo even if you are a hobbyist.

This phone allows you to listen to your favorite music playlists through the music streaming function. This feature allows you to download and play music from online stores such as There is also a headjack that ensures you listen to music as long as there is no disturbance from the outside world.

The size of the phone memory can be increased by using the microSD memory card slot. This allows you to store much more data on your phone than you would have using the phone's internal memory. The keyboard is QWERTY, which means it is ultra-responsive and fast. The keyboard keys are properly spaced from each other to make sure you don't hit the wrong keys when doing your work. The keys are also fairly easy to press and as such you won't have to struggle to enter data,

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Huawei Android Phone Review