Human growth hormone has been shown to have health restorative abilities in those who are beginning to suffer from age-related medical conditions. This is because the drop off in natural HGH production that accompanies the aging process is linked to many of these conditions, as human growth hormone shortages inevitably cause breakdowns in proper biological functioning. When HGH supplies are replenished in the body, the increase in this powerful hormone can begin to aid biological subsystems that have been malfunctioning because of its absence.

There are basically two ways to increase the amount of human growth hormone in the human body. One involves the use of HGH supplements that help rejuvenate the ability of the body to produce HGH naturally. The second method involves delivering significant doses of human growth hormone into the bloodstream via direct injection.

The Effects of HGH Injections

Those who have used injectable HGH have reported a number of important health benefits, including an increase in energy, stronger immune system response, smoother and more resilient skin, a reduction in obesity, thicker hair growth and better sexual functioning. Studies done on the positive effects of HGH injections have verified the ability of this potent substance to turn back the clock of aging by perhaps as much 20 years.

Because of the potency of injectable HGH, however, those having this kind of treatment need to be very careful to not overdo it. Overdoses of HGH can have a deleterious effect on health, causing problems ranging from excess growth in the facial bones to heart disease and even premature death. For this reason, self-administration of injectable HGH is not advised. Many athletes, in particular, who have turned to illegally acquired HGH for its muscle-building capacity, have suffered significant health problems related to over consumption of HGH.

The Legality of HGH

At the present time, the Food and Drug Administration has only approved human growth hormone injections for the treatment of medically related HGH deficiencies and wasting disease associated with HIV infection. Strictly speaking, HGH injections for the purposes of counteracting the degenerative effects of aging are not legal because the decline in the ability of the human pituitary gland to manufacture HGH as we grow older would not qualify as a medical problem. However, there are many medical practitioners who will prescribe HGH injections when levels of the hormone in the bloodstream are low, regardless of the cause. As a result, there are scores of people receiving HGH injections at clinics and other medical facilities around the world.

No matter what the context, taking an injection of HGH is illegal without a doctor's prescription. Black market HGH is not controlled for quality, but the black market is thriving nonetheless. This is because of the tens of thousands of amateur and professional athletes who are willing to defy the rules of their sports – as well as the rule of law – in order to reap the performance-enhancing benefits of HGH injections.

HGH Injections: Controversy and Reality

The US Food and Drug Administration has been reluctant to sanction injectable HGH for widespread use. But all the evidence suggests that injectable HGH, while certainly a potent substance needing regulation, can play a constructive role in the physical regeneration of the human body – as long as it is used correctly and carefully. There are clear dangers here, which is why trained medical professionals should only administer HGH injections. Another drawback is that these treatments are quite expensive, costing between $5,000 and $10,000 annually if taken on a regular schedule. Nevertheless, those who are seeking quick and dramatic results in the fight against ill health associated with aging do often turn to injectable HGH to increase health and vitality.

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