The term human growth hormone, or HGH, has many different connotations to many different people. For sports fans, HGH is an illegal supplement that amateur and professional athletes sometimes purchase on the black market to use in an effort to become bigger and stronger. For medical professionals, human growth hormones are substances produced naturally by the body that contribute to human vitality and functioning in numerous ways, especially in the young. Among many members of the general public concerned with aging and the state of their own health, HGH is often seen as a miracle hormone that can restore lost youth.

So which of these descriptions is the most accurate? As is frequently the case, it is all a matter of perspective. The one objective fact we can state with 100% certainty is that there are now a number of human growth hormone products available that promise to help their users enjoy better health and a longer life.

Human Growth Hormone Injections

The most direct way to increase human growth hormone levels is to have doses of synthetic HGH injected into the bloodstream. It is true that athletes often receive HGH injections illegally, but this is generally because they are violating the bylaws of their particular sports.

It is possible to get a prescription for injectable HGH if a doctor is able to diagnose a medical condition that is causing HGH to be under produced by the body. There are a number of clinics around the country and around the world that are injecting HGH into their patients who, in truth, are really attempting to reverse the effects of aging more than anything else. The body's pituitary gland produces HGH naturally, but its capacity to do so declines steadily as a person reaches adulthood, leading to HGH shortages in old age that are connected to various types of serious health problems.

While these injections are quite potent, they can be prohibitively expensive. In addition, it is not totally clear at this point if synthetic HGH produced in a laboratory really acts identically in the human body to what is produced naturally. Also, while no legal crackdown has occurred yet, the clinics offering these injections based on the existence of supposed medical conditions may not be acting entirely in good faith. Since the pituitary's ability to produce HGH declines naturally, this is not really a medical condition, so it is quite possible that this kind of activity may ultimately be ruled illegal.

HGH Supplements

Another kind of human growth hormone product that people can purchase actually does not contain HGH at all. This may seem confusing, but it has to be remembered that the normal way for the human body to acquire HGH is to produce it in the brain, in the pituitary. Any nutritional supplement that could stimulate the pituitary to increase its production of HGH could rightly be called a human growth hormone product, and that is exactly what the supplements that carry this label do.

Supplements for HGH are taken orally, either in the form of a spray that will be absorbed into the blood stream through the lining of the mouth or in the form of a pill or capsule that can introduce HGH-stimulating substances into the body through digestion. Synthetic HGH cannot survive the digestive process, so only supplements that stimulate the pituitary can legitimately claim to be human growth hormone products. In some cases, supplement makers will claim their products contain HGH, but they are either being dishonest, or selling something that cannot possibly have a health benefit because the body will not process its contents effectively.

HGH supplements contain a mega-combination of ingredients known to stimulate HGH production, and those using them can normally expect noticeable changes in their bodies after two months or so of consuming human growth hormone products.

One more type of human growth hormone product that are taken orally are homeopathic medicines. These substances start with real synthetic growth hormone that is then repeatedly and progressively diluted through the homeopathic process. Even though no actual growth hormone will still be present in the final product, homeopathic principles claim its imprint will remain on the elixir created and that this imprint will cause the body to begin manufacturing its own HGH once again. Many express skepticism about the efficacy of homeopathic HGH products, but there is a lot of anecdotal testimony from users who swear they have been helped tremendously by using these types of preparations.

Human Growth Hormone Products in the Body

Human growth hormone products are capable of making seemingly magical things happen in the body, such as adding more muscle mass, reducing obesity, helping restore proper organ function, dramatically improving joint flexibility, strengthening the bones, and increasing vitality and energy. In reality, however, there is no magic here at all: HGH performs so many important roles in the body that when its supplies are replenished, the results can seem like a true fountain of youth to anyone who has seen their body break down and malfunction more and more as they have grown older.

Human growth hormone products are not a fountain of youth, as aging is certainly an inescapable fact of life. But there is a constructive answer to aging-related health problems that can be slowed and even reversed. The evidence suggests that HGH products can make the aging gracefully an accurate description of reality for those who make the decision to consume them.

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