Husband Thinks I Spend Too Much Money: Financial Attitude Matters In Marriage

Not every couple knows how to effectively manage their family's finances. As some people are big spenders while the others are the thrifty ones, there's always bound to be conflicts in financial matters when two individuals with varying money views get married. However, there's always an opportunity to learn and develop the right attitude to keep your marriage intact.

Money problems have long been a major issue among married couples. Many quit their marriage because of this problem. The issue persists until today but there's still hope. It's never too late to learn the effective ways to handle your finances. What matters is both of you commit to working things out and being more disciplined in your spending habits moving onwards.

The problem with some people is they tend to make money their god. They value money or material things more than their marriage which is wrong. Remember the saying "money is the root of all evil?" It is and the same holds true for worshipping money more than your relationship.

Another thing is valuing things over your spouse. This means you make the material things as the basis for your happiness. But know that being materialistic won't give you any satisfaction in your marriage. A study conducted by BYU and William Jefferson University revealed that couples who were both materialistic were not happy in their relationship.

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The best solution for this issue is living within your means. Some people have the habit of buying things even if they don't need them and thus adding to their expenses. Even though they could not afford it, they still continue purchasing items. This attitude has to be corrected by controlling your urge to buy unnecessary things. If you and your spouse are able to do this and be consistent on this aspect, there's a good chance you can live within your budget.

Make sure that you and your spouse also avoid gambling at all costs. Gambling or what experts refer to as foolish spending is a top cause for divorce. A research has also found that when one spouse feels that his or her partner is into gambling, the risk of divorce is higher at 45 percent. To get rid of this habit, self control is very important because a person who has this attitude normally finds an excuse to gamble his money. The other spouse, therefore, needs to help in gradually putting a stop to this behavior.

Coming up with a financial plan is an ideal thing to do. This will help you work out where you need to spend your money and how to save moving forward. Experts believe that even couples with opposing money habits can be successful in managing their funds if they make a plan.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of discipline to be able to budget and save your money particularly if you have a partner who's a big spender. But then again, as long as you stick to your plan, you can be sure to get positive results.

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I get many variations on this question. Usually, I hear from wives who are afraid that their husbands just don't love or find them all that attractive anymore. Many of these wives feel that they really are trying their best to keep their husband's interest, but despite their best efforts, they feel him slipping away. Many of them ask why husbands eventually begin to lose interest and withdraw affection and if the answer to this question can help them to turn things around in their marriage. I'll tell you my opinion on this in the following article.

Sometimes, His Not Showing Affection Doesn't Mean That The Affection Isn't There: Most people would agree that men are generally not as demonstrative as women. Whereas many of us don't have much of a problem sharing affectionate gestures with those that we love, this sometimes does not come as naturally to men. Usually, when I tell people this, some of them will respond with something like "well, he was very affectionate when we were dating. He couldn't keep his hands off of me, but now, he looks at me as though I repulse him."

I know that this is a frustrating position to be in. But when we are first dating, we're typically all on our very best behavior. We are very careful to show the other person the best version of ourselves. We do this for many reasons but one of the most persuasive is that we know that when we act a certain way, we will get a certain response and the pay off that we want will usually follow. The man in the scenario knows that if he's demonstrative and gives lots of affection, the woman in the scenario responds very positively and so the cycle continues on.

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But when we get married, after a while, the incentive and the cycle are usually altered somewhat. Eventually, some of us take for granted that our spouse is still going to be there and is still going to offer the response that we want (at least some of the time) without nearly as much effort. The problem with this is that in order for everyone to feel secure, understood, and loved, it's usually necessary to offer physical reassurances such as affectionate gestures.

And sometimes when wives try to express this, the husband sees it as nagging or clinging. But, a happy medium can usually be reached. And it generally involves showing the husband that this process doesn't need to be difficult or undesirable and it will ensure that he gets the response that he remembers.

The Culture Of Your Marriage Being Work And Becoming Stagnant: Sometimes, I do hear from the husbands on the other side of this scenario. And many will eventually admit that their lack of affection is, at least somewhat the result in a shift of priorities and time allotment. The culture of the marriage has changed. Both people have become complacent. And other obligations and priorities eventually take center stage. This is the natural order of things and no one is to blame for this, but it does take a toll on our marriage.

Many men admit to me that the playful atmosphere of the relationship has changed. In the beginning, everyone was happy and light hearted and so it was just natural and easy to show a lot of affection and to give a lot of reassurance. Today, there is a long history behind this relationship. There are responsibilities and priorities and both of you know that you're in this for the long haul. And this is where husbands and wives will sort of see things differently. Men sometimes don't understand that you still need and want those physical reassurances. That's why it's sometimes important to ask for this or to spell it out.

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Now, that's not to say that there aren't some situations where the husband tells me that he's just not physically attracted to his wife or in love with her anymore. Sometimes, he thinks that these things are true when they really aren't. And sometimes, things really have deteriorated this far. Usually though, the wife is able to tell the difference between the two.

How To Make Your Husband Understand That You Need For Him To Be More Affectionate: The worst thing that you can do right now is to appear needy or to make what he will perceive as demands or will see as nagging. Instead, you want to focus on the positive and you want to make this process one that he will see as not too terribly painful. Often, a very effective way to do this is to demonstrate what you want. If you want him to hold your hand, then just take his. If you want for him to be more affectionate to you in public, then take the initiative and take the lead.

Some women feel resentful at having to do this, and that's understandable. But, this often only happens in the initial phases. Because once you begin getting the desired pay off, you will generally realize that who takes the initiative really doesn't matter as long as everyone is getting what they want.

When your husband does begin doing better and showing you more affection, heap on the praise. Again, you will usually get a much better response if you focus on the positive rather than the negative.

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You may not realize this in the beginning of the marriage, but all the smaller problems that had been bothering you will all eventually add up and turn into a huge big problem that can actually threaten to destroy your entire marriage. In such situations when you are looking for all possible ways to save your marriage, marriage counseling can really be of big help for you and your partner to overcome all the problems that are causing your marriage to be on shaky grounds. However, the biggest problem is how you can convince your spouse to agree on marriage counseling too.

This convincing might actually take some time, especially if your partner is sure that the marriage is meant to doom. You however have to remind your spouse about all the good things that your marriage had consisted of and all the reasons that had brought the two of you together and that you both should at least give it a shot again. Assure them, that at marriage counseling you are not going to wash your dirty laundry in public, instead it is going to be a therapeutic session for you both so that you have a better medium of communication.

However, try and not push them too hard into it, as your spouse might just start getting defensive about it. Instead be accommodating and give them some space and time to think about it. Just let them know that you are willing to go to any lengths to save your marriage and so should they.

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Civil marriage equality has the potential to redefine the meaning, and to elevate the status of marriage in our society. How so? It all comes down to the reason marriage exists in the first place. Why do we marry? Simply put, we marry someone because we've fallen in love with them--a reasonably new concept in western, or any society--and we wish to spend the rest of our lives caring for them, being with them, cherishing them. This is a simple, reasonable desire, a human desire that has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Straight people fall in love every day. We see someone across a crowded room, make our halting first approach, sense a shared curiosity, and before we know it we're making long-term plans. Gays and lesbians fall in love, too. They see each other across that same crowded room, make overtures, fall in love and before you know it they're a couple. And along with that progression for gay and straight alike comes the desire to marry.

Based on the research I've done for this and several pieces, I've found that LGBT people don't just share our desire for marriage, they yearn for the opportunity. Aside from the myriad benefits and protections offered by marital status, the wish to be with one's beloved is a human trait which has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Yearning to marry is a cradle to grave phenomenon. And the power of its attraction can help us build stronger societies.

Consider this: As many people believe, strong communities are the result of members' commitment to stability, long-term relationships, safe environments for everyone and rich educational opportunities for kids and adults alike. The primary ingredient in these strong, vibrant communities, however, is the recognition that the social norm is two people devoted to each other. Again, based on the research for this article, those in the LGBT community who wish to marry feel very strongly about it, not just because it's been denied them too long, but because they genuinely wish to be considered part of the community as a whole. This is not surprising. Even in our highly individualistic society we all share a wish to have access to some of the same things.

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I did encounter those individuals who, illogical as it seems, persist in believing that homosexuality is a personal choice; that certain men and women decide to dismiss conventional mores, enlisting in a group that's been thoroughly reviled and harassed throughout history. But those who adhere to the gay as choice belief can no longer have it both ways. If our gay and lesbian friends made a conscious choice to join an outcast community, why are they now demanding inclusion in one of our most revered institutions? This makes no sense.

There are far too many people in society today who regard their marital vows, and by extension everyone's, in a casual, cavalier way. One objection to gay marriage is that it will undermine traditional marriage. But the real threat to marriage in America is the prevalence of heterosexual divorce. Those who are desperate to commit, anxious to solidify their bonds through marriage ought to be encouraged, not denied. Any time a social institution can be simplified, purified if you will, drawn down to its ultimate distillation, like any raw material or crude amalgam, it becomes more valuable, more refined, and more attractive. The issue of allowing LGBT people access to civil marriage can only serve to focus on the ultimate reason for marriage: recognition of mutual love.

I believe it's time we stop defining marriage by those left outside, and focus instead on the potential this issue offers to elevate the status of marriage in society.

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