Husband Wants Me To Leave Him: Husband Told Me To Get Out Of His House

The steps to saving your marriage might be long and tedious, but they should pay off in the long run. Marriages are hard work, there really is no easy way around it. Almost half of all marriages today are failing, and separations are growing. There are things you can do so you don't become another statistic.

1. Identify and prioritize the problems in your marriage.

Sometimes there are so many problems in a marriage that couples have no idea where to start. Steps to saving your marriage will involve identifying the most "pressing" problems first, and taking action on them. Identify what's causing the most pain in your marriage. Is it the finances, parenting issues, or addictions that are causing pain in your marriage? Prioritize these issues, make a list if you have too, and then address each one in their order of priority.

Sometimes couples become so overwhelmed, they have no idea what steps to begin with in saving their marriage. If you separate your problems, and start little by little, you could make headway.

2. Identify what your role was in these struggles.

True, both partners usually share a portion of blame in these issues that you now are able to see. But the important thing that you must remember is now is not the time to blame. Taking healthy steps to save your marriage requires you to take responsibility for what you did to strain the relationship. Once we can look in the mirror and define our role in this whole dilemma, we can then move toward making positive changes.

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It's hard to self-reflect at times, as our pride and ego jumps in and tells us else wise. Trying to make your partner "change" is mostly futile, as the results of that strategy is usually making your partner drift further apart.

3. Have some flexibility, and learn to adapt

Allow your partner in the marriage to make some mistakes during this healing process. Remember, nobody is perfect, including you. If your partner is really making an attempt to "change" some of his or her behavior in an attempt to save the marriage, acknowledge it in a positive way, thus reinforcing their attempts to make things better.

Learn to adapt to changing patterns in your marriage. Perhaps the arrival of children or a possible job loss has put an additional strain on your relationship. Adaptation to life stresses is a sure sign of health, and being able to resolve these conflicts in a healthy manner will go a long way in saving your marriage.


Steps to saving your marriage will sometimes take sincere effort, and some of that effort might only be coming from you. You probably have a lot of time invested in your marriage. Exhaust all options before throwing in the towel.

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I could build a practice on this one question. "How do we get that spark back?"

The answer is shockingly simple. Be the person you were when you had spark. It's no secret that in the beginning of a relationship we are on our best behavior. However, a more subtle reality is that falling in love makes us feel our most alive. In that high vibration, sharply alive energy, to put it simply, it's easy to be exciting, sexy, and engaged. Not too mention your formerly single self was doing a lot of cool and exciting things - that you may or may not do anymore.

Fast forward a few months or years and in many cases that highly charged vibe wears off. Now, I know what you're thinking. "We have bills, pets, kids, cars, jobs, and responsibilities up the wazoo. I am run down and drug out most of the time. I don't have the energy to fake being 'madly in love' ".

Here's the trick. You have to get back to what turned you on before the relationship. What made you feel the most alive and engaged? What brought you the most bliss and joy. If you want to get that spark back in your marriage, you have to get that fire lit underneath yourself again. Working on your marriage never really works. You really only have yourself and your energy to play with. So, why not do just that. Play.

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You may be wondering, "But what about my spouse??? It takes two to tango. Don't they need to do some changing too?" Maybe, maybe not. However, you stand a lot better chance of getting someone else to change by leading that band energetically then you do by begging, pleading, fighting, and nagging. If you get get yourself turned on and lit up again, chances are very, very high your beloved will follow right along, probably because they are curious about where all the fun is.

So, pull out your photo album. Find some pictures of yourself right before you met your honey and the first few weeks you were together. Who was that woman? Where did she go? I can guarantee you this. If you can find her, you are at least 90% of the way down the road back to, not just sparks, but fireworks in your marriage.

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If you are feeling like your relationship with your spouse is falling apart and you're not quite sure how to save your marriage, don't give up. This article is dedicated to helping you find ways to restore your marriage to the joyful, harmonious relationship it's meant to be. You can learn how to save your marriage, no matter how hopeless it may look right now.

I am living proof that a troubled marriage can be saved. My wife and I have been married over 26 years and are still raising 3 of our 4 sons (the oldest is now all grown up). But things haven't always been rosy in our marriage. We've had some pretty rough times and come pretty close to giving up ourselves. We even spent almost a year going to a marriage counselor.

You Are Not Alone

The point is that, even though you may think that no one really knows what you are going through right now, you are not alone. Lots of couples have been through similar struggles in their marriages and managed to come through them and stay together. In fact, the process of resolving the problems in a marriage often brings husbands and wived closer together than they were before.

So, if you want to learn how to save your marriage, I urge you to explore these and other proven ways to do just that. It may not be easy and you may have to get honest with yourself like never before, but it will be worth whatever effort it takes.

Common Causes of Problems

One of the first steps to repairing a broken or failing marriage is to identify the reasons things are going bad. There are many reasons marriages go sour, but they can usually be distilled to a few underlying causes. These root causes may show up as all sorts of symptoms, but you really need to get to the main issues to start to fix things.

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One of the biggest reasons for relationship problems is a breakdown in communication. This can be due to different communication styles or just to a lack of understanding about the innate differences in how men and women tend to communicate. Spending some time resolving communication issues can make a huge improvement in most relationships.


Another common cause of marital problems is money. Sometimes different ideas on how to manage a couple's money can be a constant source of strife. And if money is tight the stress of worrying about bills can spill over into other areas of a relationship. In tough times this can lead to feelings of inadequacy for the husband, who often feels responsible to support his family, even if both work. It can also create deep insecurity issues for the wife, especially if there are children involved.


Still another big factor in marriage failures involves issues with sex. This is a very complicated subject for lots of people and the opportunities are plentiful for a problem to develop over something to do with sex. (This one is also closely tied to communication issues.)


Another common problem in a marriage is a lack of trust. This may be justified, in the case of infidelity, or it may just be because of the insecurity of one or both spouses. If either spouse has been unfaithful it can be very hard to regain the trust in the relationship, but honest communication is crucial as you both work to decide how to save your marriage.

There Is Hope For Your Marriage

There are many other problems that can cause a marriage to be threatened, but they generally have some connection with one of these root causes. In fact, almost all can be connected in some way to a problem in communication. If couples can learn to keep the lines of communication open, most problems in a marriage can be resolved successfully.

Please spend some time considering the principles you just read about. I know you may be going through a miserable time right now, but there really is hope for your situation. It is my sincere prayer that somewhere in these words you have found the information you need to help you figure out how to save your marriage.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Most people become so comfortable with their acquaintances that they ignore the opportunities other people can offer through their wisdom and knowledge. This is an opportunity to grow, learn and expand your intelligence. Problems in marriage arise from lack of knowledge or ignorance. It takes a variety of people to challenge us, encourage us and help us achieve a better self-esteem.

One important quality to solving problems in marriage is becoming a person of distinction with a spirit of humility. At a dinner reception hosted by Dwight Morrow, the father of Ann Morrow Lindbergh. Calvin Coolidge excused himself for the night. Now Morrow had expressed his belief that Coolidge would make a good president. The distinguished guests disagreed and a discussion followed concerning Coolidge's qualifications feeling that he was too quiet with little charismatic appeal and personality.

Anne, then six, got up and said. "I like him," she said. Displaying a finger with a bandage around it, she continued, "He was the only one at the party who asked about my sore finger, and that's why he would make a good president," said Little Anne.

A great point. Maybe asking a little girl about her sore finger isn't necessarily a bona fide qualification for the presidency, but a spirit of kindness is a surefire way to impress others. Kindness, the sincere expression of love, makes the people around you feel loved and valuable and solves problems in marriage.

Mother Teresa said; "At the hour of death, when we come face to face with God, we are going to be judged on love--not how much we have done, but how much love we put into our actions. Exercise a little love and care and see your problems in marriage solved.

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