Gone are those days when you had to struggle to remove your mattress and place it against the wall in order to access the storage space under your bed. Hydraulic Storage Beds are out here for your rescue.

The best part of a hydraulic bed is the amount of storage space it provides and the ease with which you can access this storage space. All you need to do is operate a button or pull a handle (depending upon the type of bed you go for) to find a huge rectangular storage space as large as your bed. With about 8 to 12 inches in height, this storage space would resemble a closet that has been turned on its side.

Appearing like any other normal bed, a hydraulic storage bed comes with a wooden platform or a slat support system that runs below the mattress but above the frame of your bed. This platform is very much secured to your bed. When this platform is lifted, it will be supported by a hydraulic piston on either side of the bed. It remains high up in air just the way the backdoor of your hatchback would while you load up your groceries into your car.

How it works

While operating the bed hydraulic lift mechanism you need to stand at the foot of your bed, hold the pull-handle that you would find under the mattress and lift it up slowly and easily. As it goes higher, the hydraulics will start taking over, reducing the effort on your part. It stops once it reaches the highest position, holding the platform in place, firmly.

Advantages of Hydraulic beds

  • Extra Storage
  • If you are stuck with a home that doesn’t offer enough closets or storage space, a hydraulic storage bed can be very helpful to you. All you need to do is pop your mattress up using the pull handle or the bed hydraulic lift button and load all your extra blankets, shoes, clothes and any other stuff, under your bed, without any fuss. You can access it whenever you wish to.

  • Easy Storage
  • Most people, who use beds with hydraulic storage, would love to store their seasonal items in plastic tubs. They like to pack up their sweaters, coats and parkas in them during winter and switch them with t-shirts, bathing suits and sandals during summer. You can use a similar plastic tub that can act as an impromptu table to hold the folded jeans and T-shirts that you wear on a daily basis. When you hop out of your bed in the morning, all you need to do is pop up your bed and pick them up, as you get ready to go.

  • Useful for Guest Rooms
  • We generally use up the closets in our home to store our items, leaving no storage space for the guests that visit us. A bed with hydraulic storage can be very useful in such a situation. Once you put out those extra linens that you have saved inside the bed for your guests, your guests are free to use that storage space to keep their belongings. Not only do they get a comfortable place to sleep, they will also get all the space that they want to store their stuff as long as they are there with you.

  • No more jamming up of drawers
  • Beds that come with storage drawers may not be as functional as beds with hydraulic storage. There are times when these drawers become difficult to us, with their sliding mechanism failing. They might be difficult to pull out and when you somehow manage to pull them out, they don’t close. There may be high chances of you tripping and falling over these open drawers. Thankfully there are no such problems associated with a bed with hydraulic storage.

    You are bound to find many hydraulic bed designs when looking for a hydraulic bed online. They tend to help you keep your home free of clutter, while offering enough space for your valuables and not-so-valuables. Compare your options and look for an excellent hydraulic bed price, before you decide on a piece that fits your home perfectly.

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