Over the past 20 years, I have seen hundreds of people lose weight and get in shape with the help of hypnosis and other mind power techniques. So it is very frustrating when time and time again, “hypnotism” is portrayed as witchcraft of some kind – in the movies we see over and over again the scene played out where a crowd watches a magician-like figure gently wave a clock on a chain in front of a doe eyed young subject. But, what is hypnotism really? And what does it mean in a modern context? Are hypnotists really magicians or is something more legitimate going on? And, most importantly – what the heck is hypnosis for weight loss!?

What is Hypnosis?
According to the American Psychology Association, hypnosis is now predominately considered a therapeutic technique. Clinicians use relaxing thought techniques and procedures to make suggestions that are intended to become the focus of the subject’s attention - that’s right, actual health practitioners that are trained in hypnotherapy now administer hypnosis in a regulated clinical environment [1].

The University of Maryland medical center explains that hypnotists induce a shift in consciousness whereby people become incredibly receptive to suggested ideas or images [3]. But, unlike fictional portrayals of hypnotism, hypnotherapy is not about making you act like a fool for the audience’s entertainment – it’s about psychological healing and is used for weight loss and other medical concerns.

Hypnotism is loosing its image as a magic trick and is actually recognized and respected by psychologists and other health practitioners as a mechanism for aiding with processes of healing for various maladies, such as weight loss or anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy is about mastering your own state of consciousness and harnessing the positive ideas or images – eg. that you are thin and healthy – and making them a reality by actively affecting bodily functions and psychological responses [3].

How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

On the surface this might seem like a really odd idea, you might be wondering how you can essentially think away your excess weight. Well, that’s because that’s not exactly what is going on. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not about just sitting there with a clinician as they induce a trance like state and start feeding your mind ideas and images of your thin and healthy self, having you wake from your trance with weight lost. No, if that were the case – that would indeed be a very valuable magic trick. Rather, hypnosis is a process that has affect over time. It’s about changing your habits and mental associations with various stimuli and reframing situations in your psyche by influencing your subconscious while your conscious self is less awake [3].

So, if you have a problem with binge eating and that is directly linked to your weight gain – then hypnotherapy could be used to change your physiological reactions to various stimuli that trigger your binging episodes. As a result you are changing the mental processes and physiological processes that are directly linked with weight gain in a way that is unique to you.

Does hypnosis for weight loss actually work?

A lot of people are already skeptical about using mental energies to help with weight loss, so what we now need to dissolve is whether or not hypnosis for weight loss actually works. The answer is yes, fully. There are several medically documented cases of scientifically controlled conditions in which subjects have been successful with weight loss using hypnotherapy. One such study out of the University of British Columbia that studied the affect of hypnosis for the weight loss of women concluded that hypnosis was undeniably a beneficial method of aiding weight loss [2].

The study was conducted and the affect on weight loss was analyzed immediately after the hypnotherapeutic treatment and again 6 months later to determine whether the affects were long term and on going. The method of hypnosis used was the induction of unconscious ideas in the subjects regarding diet and individual concerns related to loosing weight.

Both group hypnotherapy and one on one individual sessions were conducted. Dr. Cochrane and his team ended up concluding that the group of women who underwent hypnotherapeutic treatment enjoyed the affects of significant weight loss, whereas the control group that did not undergo treatment did not enjoy such benefits [2].

Hypnotherapy is an upcoming gem in the medical world and is gaining more and more recognition and consideration from health practitioners and patients seeking help with various issues that are at base related to mental processes. Are you struggling with weight loss? Well, what are you waiting for? The answer to your pursuits might be right inside of you, up there in that beautiful head of yours, just waiting for your guided attention.

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