Many people that have consistently been struggling with their weight may sooner or later turn to humorous, self-criticism as a defence mechanism. Overweight people have often been stereotyped in society and popular culture as the heart and soul of the party because of their humorous approach towards everything and their ability to laugh at themselves.

This sense of humour, however, is often a coping mechanism. It fulfils the same function that putting on a mask would do. For many, this is an option for dealing with a sense of defeat and the inability to get in better shape.

What many dieters that have given up fail realising, however, is that weight loss tends to be much more psychological than physical. Diet matters and so does exercise. Sustainable weight loss, however, is about addressing the psychological issues alongside the physiological factors. Here is where hypnotherapy can help.

Dealing with the “Fat Person” Mentality

You have certainly heard about people who have managed to shift a lot of weight but who still have the “fat person” mentality. Overweight people are treated by society in a specific way and this type of discrimination leaves an imprint that could be there for life if not addressed properly and sufficiently.

Many individuals that find it difficult to maintain the ideal weight have a relationship with food which may border on the unhealthy both physically and psychologically. It may provide comfort and gratification in a way that no other activity or necessity could.

This is where a hypnosis therapist can really help. The bond between food and comfort has to be broken. The “fat person” mentality has to disappear, being replaced by a healthy and positive body image person.

Hypnosis Weight Loss Approaches that can Help

Hypnotherapy will deliver a range of important benefits by replacing destructive patterns of behaviour with much healthier, self-loving mechanisms.

For a start, a person can learn to actually enjoy healthy food without remorse, fear or guilt through hypnosis. Motivation is essential for losing weight and many people lack the motivation to eat the right foods and do a little bit of diet control.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to encourage exercise and physical activity. For many people, this is something they have to learn. In the very beginning, exercise will be seen as a chore or even torture rather than as a pleasurable activity. A therapist can do a lot to change these patterns of thinking.

A focus on weight loss is one of the biggest mistakes and a major hindrance for most people. They become so overly obsessed by the goal that they forget thinking about health and proper nutrition. Weight loss hypnotherapy will put emphasis on being healthy and happy. Weight loss will come as a natural consequence of these two.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to break comfort habits, to decrease the appeal of junk foods, to help individuals “see” and believe themselves as being fit in the future and to internalise metaphors for the weight loss process that will be very beneficial to trace and recognise progress as and when it happens.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is far from a miraculous, overnight solution. It simply makes the task easier by helping the mind feel at ease with the process. The right attitude and a positive approach can achieve a lot, and produce the best results for almost anyone who adopts this kind of mentality.

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