I Cheated On My Husband How Do I Fix It: Can A Marriage Go Back To Normal After Cheating

I was caught cheating in an affair and now my husband wants a divorce, but I don't. A betrayal in a marriage could have put you in a difficult situation especially when your husband says he wants a divorce and it seems that this may be the final destination for your marriage.

Although you were caught cheating in an affair, this marriage doesn't have to end this way. Take some initiatives to salvage back your marriage and win his love back again. Can I still save back my marriage after an affair?

Even if your husband wants a divorce, don't just give up hope yet. First of all, you need to be focus and make a strong commitment to your marriage. If you have decided to win back your husband, make sure you put an end to your affair immediately. You can't expect your affair to go on at the same time if you want to rebuild the trust back in the relationship.

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Be honest and admit it is your fault. Obviously you need to lead a transparent life from now on. Be honest about what happened in the affair and never try to push the blame away. Be responsible for your actions. He is bound to be upset and angry so it is critical for you to hang on and pull through this difficult time. If your husband suggests that he needs to be away from you for time being, you should just give it to him.

Never put pressure on your husband. If you think that begging him not to leave or divorce you is a way of telling him how much you love him, then you are wrong. Instead, he may feel the pressure and keep a distance from you.

Plan to heal your marriage. Trust is lost after the affair and your husband will have problems in believing in you again, so you need to ensure that you can be available at all times and put in more effort in spending more time to recover the lost love and trust. Have a good talk with your husband about the plans in making the marriage better.

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You recently cheated on your partner and even though your spouse has forgiven you for cheating, you still can't seem to forgive yourself. One good thing for sure is you seem to be regretful about cheating on your spouse. It is a very natural thing that you will feel badly about the affair. However, what done is done and we cannot change the fact.

As long as you promise yourself not to cheat again and make up for this marriage. You will eventually forgive yourself for cheating over time. This is something that only time can heal.

Look into the future and think no more about cheating your spouse again. It is a blessing that your spouse has forgiven you, so spend more time to accompany your spouse and repair this marriage. Learn to understand and listen to your spouse's problems or suggestions. Be honest and open in the things you do.

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I am sure you have come to a conclusion that you want to stay faithful in this marriage. Whenever you start to feel guilty about your cheating affair again, tell yourself this, "It is all in the past and I want to look forward to a better future with my spouse, the only thing that I can do is to forgive myself completely and love her wholeheartedly."

Start the relationship all over again. At least, you can see a clearer picture of the marriage and also a better understanding in your spouse and yourself. Bring out old photos and reminisce about the good old days together. You can even bring your spouse to places where both of you shared beautiful memories before. This is a good way to renew the love in the marriage.

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Some of the worst damage we can do to our marriage is usually done while trying to save it. It's not because you intended to do so. But has more to do with not knowing what to do when trying to save our marriage and what not to do. Taking the time to understand what can make your marriage worse is just as important as learning the steps to save it. If not, then you run the risk of making your marriage problems even more severe.

One of the first things that can make your marriage problems worse, is continuing to play the blame game. This type of back and forth bickering has no positive impact on your marriage what so ever. This isn't the time for keeping score or adding up who's wrongs have done the most damage to the marriage. If you want to save your marriage and move forward, then it's important to approach it from a new level field. Put aside the past and recognize that this marriage has reached a point of starting over, on a clean slate so to speak. Holding onto the past and blame for this or that will not allow this to happen.

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Another important thing to recognize early on if possible, is having the courage to put your pride to the side. We all have a sense of pride about ourselves. Pride in what we've accomplished, who we are and what we stand for. But sometimes this pride can stand in the way of what we truly want. This also comes into play while trying to save our marriage. We sometimes think that if our spouse is leaving, and wants to end the marriage that we should preserve some of our pride by letting it all out and really giving them a piece of our mind. Reminding them of all their downfalls while trying to prop ourselves up. We become wrapped up in maintaining an image in front of our friends and family, and often causes us to do things we will regret. We all have that little voice in our head that says we shouldn't do it, but we still do, to maintain our pride. Let it go. Your pride isn't worth your marriage is it?

Finally, the worst thing you can do right now is not having a plan. Let me ask you this, do you really know what it's going to take to save your marriage? Have you ever been through this before and have somehow gained some real life experience in saving a marriage? Probably not, but neither has 99.9% of us. But, let's weigh your options here. You could continue on doing what your doing, hoping that what you're about to do next will work, kind of rolling the dice so to speak. Or, you could start doing things that you know will work. Taking steps to save your marriage that are based off of real life marriage saving experience. I'm not sure about you, but I don't think leaving your marriage to chance makes as much sense as using tried and true steps to save it, especially learning from someone who actually does it on a daily basis. What about you?

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You are making every effort you can to save your marriage. However, why is it nothing you try seems to work? Do not worry because you are not alone. It can be well meaning bad advice or an emotion reaction but lots of couples end up making mistakes that just push their spouse farther away. You need to have a clear idea of where you are going wrong before you have any chance of repairing and healing your broken marriage.

Mistake 1 - You jump to conclusions!

We tend to take our spouse for granted. You assume that just because you have been married for a few years, you can read your spouse mind like a book. Your spouse is a human being with own feelings and way of thinking. Have you ever thought that maybe all these years, your spouse has been burying their emotions?

Mistake 2 - Badgering and pressuring your spouse!

It is human nature to feel stressed the moment you know your marriage is in trouble. Due to this stress and desperation, we tend to blame, threaten or make our spouse feel guilty. Begging is one of the most common forms of pressure. You plead, you tell your spouse you cannot live without them, you cry or remind them that they are destroying the childrens' lives. All these are the same as an emotional blackmail and it rarely help matters.

Talking to marriage counselor is a good way to start. Sadly, most of us pressure and push our spouse to go for counseling. Instead, encourage your spouse and let them decide only when they are ready.

Mistake 3 - You are dishonest!

Never lie to each other. When you lie, you are unable to have an emotional intimacy with your spouse. It can drive a wedge in your marriage if you hide facts about important events that affect your life in the past, your true feelings or even your financial details. Anything that has a direct effect on your marriage, I highly suggest you have an open communication with your spouse and let them know.

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Mistake 4 - You apologize too much!

It is not wrong to apologize for your mistakes and promising not to repeat them. However, only apologize for mistakes you made. Otherwise, you may sound insincere and can also come across as mocking. It will also make you look desperate, which at this present time is hardly an attractive attribute.

You admit accepting half of the responsibility of the problems caused in the marriage. You admit that you have issues that you and your spouse need to work out. Do remember; never take more than your fair share of the blame. It does not solve anything. A marriage is never about one person only.

Mistake 5 - You hope and you wait!

You are so afraid to rock the boat that you prefer to wait and hope. If you wait and hope that your marriage problems will work themselves out eventually, you are living a fantasy. It will definitely cause you and your partner to grow farther apart. The resentment towards each other will only deepen. There are no marriage problems that happen by themselves and neither will these problems be solved if you do nothing. If you want to save your marriage from divorce, you and your spouse need to talk and take immediate and concrete action now!

If you have been telling yourself "I want to save my marriage!" for too often, there is a very high possibility you are making some or even all of the mistakes above. Do not despair because most couples on the verge of divorce are guilty of making the same mistakes. Now that you know what those mistakes are, it is time you set things right. Go save your marriage!

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