I Don't Care About My Husband Anymore: What You Need To Consider Before Leaving Your Husband

Have you been wondering to yourself "should I end my marriage?"

It's a common problem as you may know. Let's be real, with an over 50% failure rate for marriage these days, you can certainly feel some comfort in the fact that you're not alone.

But the thing is, deep down you really don't care about the statistics. You just want to know if your marriage can be saved.

It wasn't very long ago I was asking the same thing. In fact, to be honest I asked myself should I end my marriage everyday for a few years. My marriage was in a lot of trouble and it wasn't f un living that way.

I knew that I either had to fix things, or get the heck out.

I made a lot of mistakes while trying to find out if I should end my marriage or keep going. One of those mistakes was talking to people about it. Well, when I say people, what I actually is my friends and family.

I quickly found out that this was a bad move. Especially after my mother went after my mother called my wife and started getting on her case after I simply asked for a little bit of advice. That truly didn't help. In fact, I almost didn't have to ask if I should end my marriage any longer, she was ready to answer for me. LOL

Luckily I can laugh about it now.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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One of the things that I was pretty tough, but I had to do...and really was one of the keys to saving my marriage...was learning to see things about my marriage accurately. What that means is that instead of just looking at each problem from my own viewpoint, I had to learn to step back and see from both my viewpoint, and as accurately as possible see the same problem through my wife's view point.

That's not always easy, especially when you're mad, but eventually I learned how to take steps that allowed me to do this more and more accurately. I turned the course of my marriage around quite astoundingly for a ton of different reasons, but the most important - in my mind - is that it made me see everything as a combined partnership and I had to consider all feelings involved rather than just my own.

This was certainly one of the great keys to help stop asking "Should I end my marriage".

The answer was no!

Like I said, it really wasn't easy to learn to see both sides fairly. It took a lot of work and actually took some very detailed techniques and tactics which are much too much info to put here.

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When I first married my husband, everything seemed perfect. We were so happy together, and I thought it would last forever. Unfortunately, as with many marriages, things eventually turned sour and we began fighting and arguing all the time. We were quickly headed on our way towards a divorce. However, by doing a few simple things I was able to save my marriage, and I truly believe that anyone can do the same.

The first thing I did was realize that no marriage is perfect. When I look at other people I knew who were happily married, I began to see that disagreement and even arguments were actually quite normal. The important thing is how you handle the disagreements that come up during the course of a marriage. You need to be willing to work with your spouse to resolve these issues, rather than letting them tear your marriage apart.

Having truly open and honest lines of communication between you and your husband or wife is absolutely crucial to having a healthy marriage. So many people in marriage seem to act as through simply ignoring problems is going to make them go away. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Once I began openly discussing our marital problems with my husband, it was shocking how simply it was to resolve things that I thought were major issues.

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1. Responsibility: Take responsibility for the state of your marriage. Stop the 'blame game'; say "it is me. Yes, it is my fault". If I change, he or she will change.

2. Decision Taking: Take a firm decision to stop the downward spiral of your marriage. Never wait for your spouse to take decisions, you take the lead. The more mature person among you should be the first to do that. Are you? Then go ahead; apologise, break the malice, make a positive move, call for reconciliation, let there be ceasefire and let there be truce. Put the devil to shame.

3. Promote Happiness: Do everything you know to promote the happiness and well-being of your marriage. No matter what, lift your marriage from the state of despair to happiness. Do anything you can do to make your mate a happy man or woman.

4. Value Your Mate: Give high value to your mate, and make this known to him or her always. Help your mate to improve his or her self-esteem. Give honour, recognition, respect; communicate your high regards in secret and in public with your words, actions and reactions.

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5. Give Quality Appreciation: Emotional health and relationship can be destroyed without appreciation. Appreciation makes your spouse to feel he or she is worth something, and that their work is being recognized. Every human being desires to be appreciated, give it to your spouse. Do it now!

6. Value Your Time Together: Do everything you can to be together. Avoid the television, phone, computer and avoid the newspaper just to be together.

7. Give attention: Never ignore your spouse, give 100% attention; attend to him or her.

8. Give Affection: Show love, say it, do it, do not give him or her any reason to doubt whether you love him or her.

9. Be a Creative Lover: Show your love in creative ways, improve your love intelligence, do things to surprise your spouse; this will help to nurture your marriage.

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Marriage is the oldest institution created by God. God intended marriage to be a sacred union between a man and his wife. It is design to give one another pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. Like every other institution, it has its do's and don'ts. There are several rules guiding the Gods given relationship, some of these rules may not be formally written but when they are violated, it can result to a dysfunctional home.

The Bible teaches that in the beginning God ordained marriage between a man and a woman. In the second chapter of the Bible it states: "a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife." So marriage is not a human invention or custom it is instituted by God. Because marriage is ordained by God, He will bless it and help people make a success of it, if they ask Him. So, if you want God's blessing on your relationship, get married.

Marriage is a growing relationship. It will deepen and mature. It requires effort on our part. But it is ridiculous to see what is happening to marriage in this generation. Men are now interested in marrying men; women also are doing it with other women and unmarried people are now finding pleasure in co-habiting. So much damage has been done to the wonderful institution that was meant to salvage us. People no longer respect the idea of a long time commitment between a man and his wife, they approach marriage as a pragmatic solution to address their loneliness or attend to their temporal emotional need. Irrespective of what the devil is doing to destroy marriages there is still God's standard to make it work.

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People of old respected and kept that standard of God in marriage. The story of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 shows that the pattern of marriage - one man, one wife for life (strictly, between a man and a woman) - was not to be compromised. God designed it and commanded us to obey it. The standard has not changed. The inventor and originator of marriage is still there, and would not tolerate any form of disobedience to His rule. That makes it wise for married people to call on God for help whenever there is friction in their marriage lives.

When we have health issues we don't go to the mechanics. God is the originator of marriage he has the manual to make our marriage relationship work. Most couples are not willing to apply God's instruction in their homes; they rather receive advice from friends and family members. Any counsel that is not rooted in the word of God cannot be a lasting solution to family problems. There are many tips on how to create the marriage we desire, here are some biblical tips that can help sustain romance in our homes.

Finally, God would like us to follow His ways whenever we contemplate marriage. This is because He ordained it at the beginning of time. He is therefore willing to bless it. It is intended to provide companionship, cherishing, comfort, honour, sharing, protection and faithfulness. With the help of God, marriage remains a total lifelong and growing commitment to sacrificial love. It is God's intended foundation for the family which enriches society and strengthens community. It is therefore regulated and sanctioned by society.

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