I Need My Husband To Love Me Again: Will My Husband Ever Love Me Again

I often hear from people who feel that if their spouse would just give them one more chance, they could successfully save their marriage. They have often begged, pleaded, made promises, and generally just tried to find a way back into their spouse's heart with no success. They often don't understand what harm it would do to just allow that one last try before you concede that the marriage is over for good.

I heard from a wife who said: "I will admit that I have made a lot of mistakes in my marriage. I have taken my husband for granted. I haven't always been the most responsible spouse. I have been immature and selfish. And although I never technically cheated, I have flirted with other people just to get attention. However, when I saw that these things were hurting my marriage to the point where I might lose my husband, I immediately took notice and promised big changes. At first, my husband agreed to this but warned me that I had hurt him badly and that he was losing his patience. I acknowledged this. But, a week later he told me that he had reconsidered and that he thinks it would just be easier and would make more sense if we would just end our marriage. He said that he now has trust issues with me and that he doubts that I will really ever change who I am. He says he pictures himself growing old in a marriage that doesn't take as much work as ours and that he wants to start over before he becomes angry and bitter. I begged him to give me one more chance. I promised him that he wouldn't regret it. But no matter what I do or say now, he only looks at me sadly, shakes his head. He calmly tells me that it is too late. I have asked him why he is doing this to us and he only will say that it's just too little too late. I don't understand. How would it hurt him to give me one more chance? If we fail, then at least we know we tried. But if we just walk away now, we'll never really know what might have been. Why doesn't he understand this?"

I know firsthand how frustrating this situation is. It is so hurtful to feel as if your marriage is slipping through your fingers and yet you are dependent on another non receptive person to stop this. Plus, you often feel as if somehow your wires must be crossed because he doesn't seem to be hearing what you are saying or he doesn't believe you, even when you are being completely sincere. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that he will resist giving you another chance. I will go over some of the reasons below because I think that you should be aware of them. I realize that this may be hard to hear, but if you know what you're facing, you have a better chance of successfully overcoming it.

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Common Reasons That People Are Afraid To Give Their Spouse Another Chance: The first reason is fear. He may be scared to trust in you again because there is the risk that he will be hurt again, which would make his vulnerability a waste of time. Additionally, he is probably telling the truth when he says that at this time, he believes that it's too little too late. He may feel as if your marriage has been damaged too much to recover. (That doesn't mean that his belief is true, but this might be what he thinks.)

Finally, he may just feel that he needs a change in his life. He may have reached a point where he feels that he may have some relief from the drama and the uncertainty if he just starts again, regardless of how hard and painful this might be.

Again, I know that this may be a hard to process. But nothing is impossible. And if what you have tried in the past hasn't worked, nothing says that you can't start fresh with a new strategy, which leads me to my next point.

If Words Aren't Working, Talk With Your Actions Instead: There's one thing that most husbands in this situation share, and that is skepticism when it comes to your words. They have listened to your promises and they are still unconvinced.

And yet, you keep coming at him saying what he has already heard before. I understand why you are doing this. It probably seems to you as if he just isn't listening or, if he is, he isn't understanding you.

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So perhaps you have to rephrase it or say it again with more intensity. This makes sense at the time, but it's the wrong strategy in most instances. He's usually already reached the point where he has tuned you out.

So you ratched up what you are saying, trying in vain to get him to understand. And this is when he starts to think that perhaps your marriage really a lost cause. I don't say this to hurt you. I'm saying this so you know what you are up against and that you see that it's in your best interest to stop attempting to deliver the same message that he has already tuned out.

In my experience, when words no longer work, it's time to try an action based strategy. And when I say this, I don't mean acting irrationally or pouring on the affection so that it's obvious what you end goal is. What I mean is to consciously stop what isn't working, to calm down, to act with integrity, and to let your actions speak for you.

Sometimes, this means that you back off from your original stance so that he no longer feels the need to be defensive. It can also mean that you need to show him with your actions and not your words that real change is possible. In this particular case, it would mean showing the husband true respect rather than just trying to get him to agree with the wife's wishes. It would mean making him feel genuinely heard without an end goal in mind. It would mean showing much more maturity by having patience and staying the course.

Because you can't expect him to believe your new actions immediately. But when they happen over a period of time, they become more genuine to him and this is the most effective way that I know to overcome his reservations.

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If you are going through what I went through then you are no doubt in a lot of pain and possible feeling angry and frustrated as well. I just wasn't prepared for my wife to hit me with the news that our marriage was over and I felt really betrayed by the woman I loved. How could she do this to me? How could she do this to our family? We had built a life together and I just didn't want it to end!

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So I did what just about anyone else would do in such a situation. I tried pleading with her to give our marriage another shot. I told her how much I loved her and made promises to change. I called her at work and tried to talk things out. I even sent her flowers and a card. All I wanted was for her to know how much she meant to me! What did all this get me? It made things even worse. She seemed all the more determined to end the marriage!

What I later learned was that the more I pushed, the more she was pulling away. The mistakes I was making out of love for her and a sincere desire to keep our marriage together were actually making the problem even worse and turned out to be almost the complete opposite of what I should have been doing. My negative emotional state had been controlling my thoughts and actions and was destroying any chance I would have to save my marriage.

Everything would have to change! I would get myself in a much more powerful, confident and resourceful state. I would take the lead in saving my marriage by giving myself 100% to the process. I would stop the blame game. I'd make no excuses and I'd take immediate action to begin changing the dynamics of my marriage. It worked even without my wife doing anything!

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If your marriage in so much trouble that you have thought that divorce is your only option? It is not, but you need to know how to have it and know that you are not alone in attempting to fix it. If you want to make the marriage work, you can, no matter the severity of the situation. In order to save your relationship, you need to build on your communication skills.

Talking to each other is one of the most important ways to make certain you both are on the same page, in terms of everything within your relationship, like the children and house. This is the reason why seeing a marriage counselor is typically so successful because they force the husband and wife to talk to each other. There are some easy ways that you can talk to your spouse without seeing a counselor for advice.

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Try to find out more about your husband or wife. What do they like to do, where would they go if they had unlimited resources, and other questions like this. That way, you know more about them and they feel that you care because you are listening to them. If your spouse has changed something that you would consider small, like a hair color change, or redecorating the house and you do not mention it, they will feel that you do not care about them. Ignoring what they did will make another problem that you could easily avoid by paying attention to them. Notice the small things that they do because it is usually for you and vocally appreciate it.

Making time for each other, like a date night, is another excellent method of creating a means to communicate with each other. This also helps rekindle the flame in your marriage while allowing you both time to relax and come up with ways to fix some of the issues that you face as a couple at home.

Statistically, most marriages become stale and dull with the birth of the first baby. This does not have to happen to you. Although newborns up to the age of 2 need quite a bit of attention from you, you should not allow that to make you forget about your spouse. That is what nap time is for. Creating a harmonious balance between the child who needs you and the partner who wants you is essential to make certain that you are not pushing your spouse away.

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If you want to know how to create a happy marriage then you have asked one of the most important questions in the world! A happy marriage is a blessing, it is good for your health, it is good for your children, it is good for society and of course it is good for your own happiness and sense of worth!

Many people however do not seem to know how to keep a marriage happy. The first stages are usually wonderful when you are in love and the world is full of light, life and promise; then there may be some problems.

Perhaps one of you gets laid off and money becomes an issue. Perhaps the connection you once had seems to be fading as you both grow as people but do not seem to grow together. Or maybe you cannot even pinpoint what is wrong apart from busy lives and not enough time to spend together?

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In any case it is never too late to insert a little happiness into a marriage but applying just a few small tips into every day life. Things like saying "thank you" more often and my listening with your undivided attention to your spouse and importantly ... even when you are busy ... taking time to go on a proper DATE again even though you are married! (this works wonders).

The enemies of happiness also must be banished. Resentment, keeping score over petty issues, feeling that you should not be trying because your spouse it not trying and so forth. Negativity is a marriage killer!

How to create a happy marriage is about YOU starting to take actions in even the smallest way by putting some money into the goodwill bank it WILL be added to by your husband or wife. This will start gathering interest at a startling rate and your marriage will thrive and grow in love and happiness.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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