I Resent My Husband Because Of His Family: Things Toxic In Laws Do That Damage Your Marriage

If you're trying to figure out how to save a marriage, it could be that you've got some built up resentment that is proving hard to get rid of. This happens in marriage quite a bit since living with someone for years and years can be tough. But wouldn't you rather get rid of all that resentment and be happy in your marriage again?

How to Save a Marriage By Letting Go of Resentment Toward Your Spouse...

One of the problems with a marriage is that we're in a "in it together" sort of situation. This means that all the circumstances of our lives are played out by joint choices and circumstances. So a lot of resentment comes out of the fact one spouse's life (or both) hasn't played out the way they wanted it to, and therefore the other spouse is blamed for that. Is that fair to the other spouse?

Well obviously not, but it's also hard not to blame someone else when you've usually compromised on choices. One way or the other something isn't going to work out for one person right?

But the fact is that if we want to get rid of this resentment and learn how to save a marriage then we've got to realize that most of the things that are going wrong in our lives and marriage are just as much our fault as it is your spouse. For instance my wife and I live in a town closer to her parents than my parents house. Therefore her parents get to see the kids much more often than mine just out of convenience. Doesn't seem fair either right?

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However, if I dig a little deeper then I could have certainly fought a little harder to move closer to my parents. In actuality it was the fact that my job at the time was closer to where we live now, so that was a huge part of the decision as well. Not to mention that very often the kids see her parents more because I enjoy going out and have no problem sending the kids there for babysitters when it suits me. So I'm just as guilty as she is when you look at it that way aren't I?

Of course I am. Now I realize that this is a minor example but it's sometimes the minor things that make a huge difference, and when let top simmer can end up being pretty intense. Other things are bigger problems. Maybe one spouse decided to give up working or give up some close friends of the opposite sex in order to make the marriage a happier and less volatile place. Again fair? Should one spouse have to give up a career or friends?

Well no, you shouldn't have to, but if that's what you agreed upon and that's how it's been, then you really can't justify blaming anyone but yourself for it down the road. You ultimately are still responsible for the choices that you make, or let be made for you. If it's a big deal then you should simply fight harder on a compromise for it...because if not then you've given up that aspect of it didn't you?

You did for what at one time was a bigger cause, or a more important cause, so now resenting anyone for that decision is simply hindsight and no one is to blame but you for allowing that decision to be made for you. But it's sometimes hard to look at this way right?

Well don't forget that there are no hard and steady rules for marriage really. Things can be re-negotiated, things can change in order to roll with new circumstances and that's often how to save a marriage very quickly...by renewing and reassessing circumstances and agreements.

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Marriage can be one of the greatest experiences of your life, but it can also be difficult and stressful. This is painfully evident by the fact that nearly 50% of all marriages today end in divorce. This is unfortunate, because nearly all relationships can be saved if you are willing to work with your partner on resolving the issues you are facing.

The first step towards saving your marriage from divorce is realizing that no marriage is perfect. Every couple has disagreements and even arguments, and this is completely normal. The key is to work through the disagreements and find a way to resolve them.

Having open lines of communication with your spouse is absolutely critical if you want your relationship to work. Ignoring problems will never make them go away, in fact it will usually make them worse. This is why you must communicate with your partner if you feel that there is a problem with the marriage. Also, you must remember that communication runs both ways, meaning that you must be willing to listen to your spouse when he or she comes to you with a problem.

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Another very important thing you must do in order to maintain a healthy marriage is learn to compromise on certain things. You can't have it your way all the time, and neither can your spouse. Working together to find a middle-ground that you are both happy with is something that all married couples must do from time to time.

Sometimes one of the best ways to help save your marriage from divorce is to seek outside help. This can be a marriage counselor or simply a guide to saving your marriage which can be found online.

If you and your partner are both willing to work on the relationship, it is very possible to save nearly every marriage from divorce. All it takes is time, commitment, and effort on the part of both spouses.

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We can call these kind of women, ideal wives or terrific wives. They are rare, peaceful and more than positive. They are powerful, virtuous, victorious daughters and her price is more than rubies.

Their Qualities includes:

1. Wisdom: They are full of wisdom. They live based on wisdom and valor.

2. Submissive: They apologize to their husbands easily when they are wrong.

3. Faithful: They are faithful to their husbands and home. They are women of integrity and dignity.

4. Lovers: They love their husbands and children. They would do anything to protect their home.

5. Decent: They are set of decent women which also reflect in their dressing (Presentable and neat).

6. Fears God: They fear the Lord in all their doing.

7. Supporters: They are strong pillars in life of their husbands, not caterpillars. They always support their hubby.

8. They are meek and subjected to their husbands.

9. Honor: They honor and respect their husbands.

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10. Industrious: They are industrious and hardworking.

11. Homemaker: They are homemakers, home keepers and home managers.

12. Appreciative: They are appreciative, they know how to appreciate their husbands.

13. Romantic: They are caring and romantic.

14. Diligent: They are diligent in all their work.

15. Obedient: They are obedient to God and their husbands.

16. Investors: They invest their time, attention and attention on their homes.

17. Life Builders: They never go round to report their husbands.

18. Solution Seeker: They only seek counsel from Pastors and quality counselors in time of problem.

19. Sexually Active: They are skillful in the bedroom, they know sex as part of their duty to their men and give everything to make it great for the husbands.

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Whenever you talk about marriage, I must not be left behind. My reason is not far fetched - I invented marriage, and to say the least, every human race is a product of my own thinking and imagination, including you.

I must equally admit that though I am not the firstborn of my parents, yet I occupy a bigger position that no one can dare to take. Importance is attached to the firstborn because apart from having the place of honour in the family, the firstborn becomes the representative and head of all the children unto whom the birthright belonged (especially when he is a male child).

Every firstborn has a duty to perform, a duty so unique and special, because he is the beginning of every marriage strength. Traditions and societies attach special privileges to the firstborn. He carries the principle which lies at the root of all true education: "What I am to make my child to be I must first be myself", and passes it on to others. Since being an example is more than rules and teachings, the firstborn distinguishes himself in a family as an icon of godliness.

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With all these attached to the firstborn, yet I am not an inch near that position. I am the 5th in the order of birth, yet I am not intimidated by that. In getting married too, I must tell you that a marriage of two people - a man and a woman brought me into this world. How then did I invent marriage?

As a matter of fact, my intention is not to confuse, deceive or mislead anyone reading this article, rather that all of you may come to the knowledge of truth. I want to start by saying that every child is a gift from God to whom He has not only a right, but He needs him in the consecrated training for service that requires his complete devotion to duty in daily life. However, in this world of cause and effect, God ordered that like produces like, so those who are walking blameless in all God's commandments and ordinances share in His love. Christ made it clear that those who do the will of God belong to His family - they are His children and He is their Father. Belonging to one family makes you one with God. This is where I come in - through Christ, I share in the wealth of God, my Father - I am an inventor together with my Father.

Those whose citizenship in heaven, who have in truth entered the kingdom of God and live in it, are found worthy to communicate the kingdom. If my Father invented marriage and nurtures it to grow, my duty is to take after my Father by being a father on earth hence, my fatherhood on earth has been given as a reflection of His, to lead me to a participation in its honour and joy. As a partaker of God's divine nature, God counts on me to preserve the rules of marriage and make it desirable. When next you talk about marriage, don't forget the inventor, who lives to keep the fires of marriage life burning - I and my Father are one!

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