A funny topic you may say, but i took a poll today only to realise loads of people are so fed up of many things, for various reasons. Some people are fed up of their jobs, men, women, children who don’t listen to instruction, parents, economy, financial status, bills, spouses etc.

There are so many things that make us fed up. We make statements like, i feel frustrated, undervalued, sick & tired etc. Those negative words have serious impacts on our live the way we feel & i must confess i fall victim of these words sometimes.

Being fed up of issues is a natural occurence, the physical body protests to tiredness, our mental state of mind requires a higher dimension, but it’s what you do in such states, that determines how far we go, we’ve got to live with it it, through it & out of it.

An example & this is my train of thought, a lot of people complain about being fed up of their jobs, whilst true i always suggest you can make the best out of it. If you have bills to pay, a family to take care of, studying to do, responsibilities of different levels & the only job you have is meeting those demands, you have to encourage yourself and get motivated. I am not saying you should settle for less but hold on to what you have, study and look for opportunities to become better, apply for more jobs in your field, develop yourself academically till you get the desired effect.
If you feel really frustrated, ask yourself this question, are there any other ways of making the money, if yes then go ahead with whatever your actions are, if no, then hang in there.

I am going to suggest a few ideas of mine to help in a case when you get fed up.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What makes you worked/fed up?

What is currently responsible for you being fed up?

Is it controlling your mood interms of how you derive your happiness, or joy?

Is it affecting your relationship with friends, family, spouse etc.

Is it affecting your self esteem?

Are you constantly under pressure?

Does it take your mind off any successes for the future?

Can you find answers to these questions, if yes then you are the right step to coming out your wrong state.

There is no hard or fast rule about dealing with issues like this, but the important thing is to get/stay motivated. You need to find your motivation, you need something to push/drive you. A lot of people do things without being motivated, purpose or reason. Excuses such as, we have lost hope come into play.

As long as there is breath in your nostrils, there is always hope. Think of the worst that could happen to you, if you avoid such situation/circumstances. Think of the effects of your decision, are they adverse, can you cope with it, will they bring progress? Please bare in mind you can be fed up of your laziness, slothful character and the new stance could bring about positive changes.

An example, if your bills & debt pile up, you feel uncomfortable, there are needs to be met, you have got to take care of your family and you are fed up with your current job, my personal opinion will be to hang in there till you get a better one & if you must leave without a new job, then you must have a back up plan, be willing to reassess were you are and have a focus or goal.

Whenever you are fed up, think of the consequences before you take any actions. Would the consequences bring about any positive developments in your life or just a tail of woes & difficulties. BEFORE YOU TAKE ON ANY PROJECT/MAKE ANY MAJOR DECISIONS, THAT WILL CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT.

What do you do when you get to that point of being fed up?

My suggestions are as follows:

Assess were you are & were you intend to be.

Assess your goals & objectives, are they being fulfilled?

Are you able to identify the factors making you fed up?, can you take them one after the other & find a solution to each of them.

Can there be any improvements made, if yes, focus on them, improve by studying, communicating, learning etc.

I want to lay a strong emphasis that at various points in time we all would get fed up.It may be to lead to positive changes in our lives (trust me they are very few) & majority have negative impacts.

Before we make decisions, do the following:

Weigh the consequences.

Is it going to bring about a positive/negative change

Are people going to be hurt/relationships destroyed by your decision

Can you live with the consequences either positive/negative

Seek wise consel before acting on any major decision.

‘Still fed up, read this again.’

Author's Bio: 

Ayo Olaniyan is a certified Unitive™ Life Coach and Counsellor.
He is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, an accredited professional counsellor with the Counselling Society and the author of Expanding Your Horizons.

If you would like to enquire about personal and professional one-to-one coaching sessions,please visit http://discoveringpurpose.co.uk or send an email to ayo@discoveringpurpose.co.uk.

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