I only have to look at a Hershey bar …..

People who say, “ I can eat anything I want and I never put on any weight” are right aren’t they? So are those who say, “I only have to look at a Hershey bar and I gain pounds!”

What is it that you are saying about your body and the way you look?

The beliefs we have about ourselves are so powerful that they can actually shape our reality. ‘Fat thoughts’ can literally pile on the pounds or stop us from losing weight.

Our unconscious mind likes to ‘manifest’ our thoughts so if we continue to think about what we don’t want, that’s exactly what we’ll get, what we don’t want!

So rather than thinking about what we don’t want e.g. to be ‘overweight’, ‘sick’, ‘depressed’ or ‘single’ we need to think about what we do want e.g. to be slim, healthy, happy and in a great relationship.

It all sounds very simple doesn’t it? The only problem is that because these beliefs are operating at an unconscious level influencing our behaviour, more often than not, we’ve got no idea what these beliefs are let alone if they ‘limit’ us or not!

The first thing we need to do, is uncover any beliefs that keep us stuck or limit us in some way, and let them go. After we’ve done that we can simply choose some new ones that feel more empowering.

The thing is, that even though our old beliefs may, on a conscious level seem ‘limiting’, they do actually serve an important purpose, otherwise we wouldn’t have them. Some of the benefits of keeping these beliefs might be to

• seek approval or fit in
• not take responsibility
• avoid any chance of failure
• avoid confrontation or conflict
• keep us safe
• avoid rejection or being disliked

Many clients that come to me have issues about their weight and body image.
Usually their behaviour around food is linked to experiences they’ve had in the past. Often they will have developed all sorts of strategies in order for them to avoid situations that may be unpleasant or uncomfortable. Once we get to the root cause of the behaviour, and discover the limiting beliefs that are holding the issue in place, individuals can begin to make new healthy choices and move forward. As new positive beliefs replace outdated ones, individuals can start to really value themselves and enjoy a new found freedom.

So from now on, remember to focus on what you do want!
To kick start the process, Weigh Out have put together a short ‘mindmovie’ full of positive affirmations for a fit, healthy body you can enjoy nourishing.
Click on the link below. It will take you to the Weigh Out website.
Watch this movie twice everyday and start to see the benefits. Enjoy!

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Author's Bio: 

Julie Mann works as an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. She runs Weigh Out Ltd with her business partner CiCi Collins.