If your dog is deaf you can also educate him to listen to you, it will require more patience but you will get it.

Perhaps this has not been an issue that you have asked yourself until you have known that your dog is deaf or has adopted a dog with this characteristic. It is clear that if educating a dog with a good auditory system becomes a difficult task, to do it when a dog is deaf the thing is complicated, but it is not an impossible one.

If your dog is deaf you can also educate him
It is clear that the fact that a dog is deaf is a difficulty in every way when it comes to living together and especially when it comes to educating him. We must think that there will be a series of difficulties that we may never have thought of before and that makes us value the hearing system much more.

If your dog is deaf, calm, with patience and good advice you can also educate him. The methods are actually the same: repetition and positive reinforcement, only while in a hearing dog the repetition will be through words, in a deaf dog it will have to be done by signs.

Choose a signal

The first thing you should do if your dog is deaf and you want to train him is to choose a signal with which you indicate that he has actually done something right or as you wanted. This could be by hand or with a flashlight (never a laser light). Remember that the gesture of your hand or the play of lights with the flashlight always has to be the same so as not to confuse the animal.

Show him the signal

Now comes an important step, teach the dog what sign he will see when he has done something right. You should try to teach him something simple, such as taking something that you have in your hand and giving him the signal that it might well be to lift a finger up, the thumb for example.

Sign and make sure your dog sees it every time he takes what you have in your hand. So you will relate both gestures. Of course, you should reward him every time he obeys your orders.

Get your attention if he doesn't look at you

It is possible that your dog gives up, and since he cannot hear you, you will have to find a way to get his attention so that you can continue with the training. Well, you can do it by touching near your eye, so you know that what you want is for me to look at you.

You could also do it using a treat or a little of your favorite food to get their attention. Of course, do not give it to him until he has fulfilled an order.

Plan what you want to teach him

Before getting serious training once you know that your dog recognizes the signs, plan what you want to teach him. For example to sit, catch or release something or go with you when you call. When you are clear about all this, you can start training.

Choose a negative signal

It is true that you have to show the dog when he has done something right, but he also has to understand when he has done something wrong. Therefore, you need a signal to make him understand that he has not done what you expected of him. For example, if you have decided that the thumbs up means well, you can make the thumbs down mean badly.

Signal and prize

The best way for the animal to learn and relate obedience to something good is to not let much time pass between the positive signal and the prize. As soon as you see that your pet has done what you wanted, award it automatically so he can know that if he does the same thing next time he will have a prize again.

The cuddles, caresses and sweet words are also positive rewards your dog will appreciate. If your dog is deaf, you see that he can also be trained, although you may need an extra dose of patience and perseverance. If you follow these tips it will be much easier for you to get it. Do you dare to try?

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